If you currently suffer with anxiety then you may constantly feel on edge, tired and tense. Your mind may race through worrying thoughts and those 'what if's' that focus on things going badly in the future.

Often clients tell me their minds feel full or like cotton wool, they can't grasp onto things going on now and they often struggle to concentrate and focus.

In basic terms, all that worry and anxiety leaves your brain feeling stressed out and your body feeling exhausted.

Learning to relax

So to combat anxiety effectively you need to start learning how to relax, to give your mind a bit of a pause and some peace from all that other stuff whizzing around inside. 

Often anxiety cleints tell me they don't or can't relax. They have to keep busy to try and distract themselves from their anxiety. Yet as soon as they do stop, like when they try and sleep, all those thoughts and feelings come flooding back.

But just as you learnt to feel anxious, you can start to learn how to relax again.

Anxiety Buster

Here's what you need to do:

Set aside 10 minutes a day to do nothing but relax.

Turn off the TV and your phone.

Sit somewhere quiet and close your eyes.

Let every muscle relax in turn and enjoy feeling more and more comfortable. 

If it helps, put some relaxing music on at the same time so you can relax even more.

Remember somewhere along the line you learnt to feel anxious and now is the time to undo that and learn to feel more relaxed – the more you relax, the more you can and will relax.


anxiety buster learn to relax