Boost Your Well-being and Reduce Negative Thoughts and Feelings

I hope you are keeping safe and doing well. It's hard to believe how quickly this year is racing by!  I hope that you have been able to stay safe and healthy during lockdown and the pandemic, and that you are doing well as things open back up again. And if you've had your jab then I hope you didn't suffer as much as I did for the few days after mine!
One of the best things about lockdown easing is that, as effective as online hypnotherapy continues to be, it's wonderful to be able to now meet people in person at my locations in Ely and Newmarket. Welcome back! I've missed you!
Outside work I've been keeping busy with my running and continuing to learn the guitar, as well as having lots of fun with my girls (and the odd stern word too!). Within work, I've had time to write many articles that can help you to boost your sense of well-being, positivity and optimism, as well as helping you to reduce anxious and negative thoughts and feelings. I've highlighted a few of these later on in this article to bring them together in one place for you.  

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Reducing Negative Thoughts and Feelings 

Whether it's the unwanted thoughts and feelings that come with anxiety, stress, depression, worry or other issues, we all want to boost our sense of well-being, positivity and happiness, alongside alleviating distress.

There's a strong evidence base supporting supporting two specific interventions that can help you to increase your positivity, and reduce negative emotions. 

The Best Possible Self exercise from the field of positive psychology, involves writing about your best possible self in the future after everything has gone as well as it possibly could. There is a wealth of evidence that supports this technique for boosting your well-being, sense of optimism and your positivity. You can learn more about this and how you can benefit here: Your Best Possible Self: Improve Well-being, Optimism and Positivity 

If you've worked with me then an exercise that you may recognise is to think about  three good things that went well each day, and the reasons why they went well. Again there is a ton of evidence and research that shows doing this can help you to boost your well-being, add to feeling more positive, experience lessened negative emotions and develop resilience to handle and cope with challenges. Check it out here: Three Good Things: Positive Psychology To Enhance Your Well-Being And Mental Health 

As well as increasing positive feelings, you can naturally also feel better from reducing negative thoughts and feelings.

Mindfulness has become more and more popular in recent years and recent research has confirmed that it can help with anxiety, depression, distress  and wellbeing. Combining hypnosis and mindfulness has also been shown to lead to significant improvements with things like stress and anxiety. Find out how you can benefit from this here: Mindfulness For Anxiety, Stress and Promoting Mental Health.

Relaxation brings many physical and mental health benefits, and one way of benefiting is through the use of positive imagery. I take you through the steps for this in this article: Positive Imagery Relaxation For Anxiety and Stress Relief 

The pandemic has been difficult and challenging, yet you may have also experienced positives as a result of having gone through it. Getting through challenging events can lead to positive changes in how you relate to others, a greater sense of your own personal strength, positive spiritual change, a greater appreciation of life, and discovering and embracing new possibilities. I cover some research about this post-traumatic growth, along with a way you can personally benefit, here in this article: Growth From Adversity: Post Traumatic Growth During The Covid-19 Pandemic 

And if you have personal negative memories that are mildly to moderately distressing, whether pandemic related or otherwise, then the research and steps I cover in another article can help you to reduce your distress and strengthen your resilience: Reappraising Negative Emotional Memories: How To Reduce Distress From Past Events 

Feeling and being more confident in yourself can also help you to reduce negative thoughts and feelings. If you would benefit from increasing your confidence, self-belief and self-esteem then I cover two ways of achieving this here: Your Confident Self: Increasing Confidence, Self-Esteem and Self-Belief and Confidence: Using Your Hypnotic Hero To Increase Your Confidence 

And finally here, something a little bit quirkier from the world of psychological research. Did you know that watching horror films can help you to develop your sense of resilience, ability to cope, and ability to reduce unpleasant feelings of anxiety? Neither did I until I came across this research! (I'm not a big horror film fan but I love this research because of its ability to help you reduce anxiety and its quirkiness!): Could Horror Films Make You More Psychologically Resilient To The Covid-19 Pandemic?

There are plenty more helpful articles here on my website and those above are just a selection from some of my more recent posts. To combat unwanted thoughts and feelings you can actively work on boosting your well-being, positivity, optimism and confidence. You can also deliberately address and learn how to manage, deal and cope with anxious or negative thoughts and feelings so that they become less frequent and, when they do arise, they impact upon you less and less. 

Hoping that unwanted thoughts and feelings will just go away, or even trying to just ignore them, tends to mean that they hang around for longer and start to affect you more. By taking deliberate and evidence-supported steps, you can start to orchestrate what you experience. You will  no longer just be adversely affected and impacted upon by the people, situations and things that come your way. Instead, you will find yourself more resourceful, more resilient, more confident, happier and better able to spend more of your thinking, emotions and behaviours on the things that you want to be enjoying more frequently. 

To your good mental health and wellbeing,

Dan Regan

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