Ever had one of those days where even the small things seem to wind you up? Like you got up out of the wrong side of the bed or like everyone in the world has decided this is the day that they are going to do whatever it takes to stress you out?

And then you spend the next hour (or more) going over what happened, looking for other people to tell or silently seething inside because  you can’t just let it go?

Maybe someone cut you up when you were driving or maybe someone in the shop blocked your way, was dawdling along so slowly or did the (and I’ve seen this one a lot!) elbow nudge as they passed you.

Your boss or partner may have said something and it’s really niggled you, or perhaps you got something in an e-mail from ‘that’ person and you can’t help but dwell on it and wish the world would swallow them up so you could get on with what you need to be doing.

Or maybe it’s the kids when they just won’t do what you want them to, and the house is a mess and you were supposed to be somewhere 10 minutes ago.

(I’m talking about the small things that niggle here - not deep-rooted anger.)

Looking back in Anger

Everyday throws up its opportunities for us to have a little tantrum in our minds. Sometimes it may feel like it’s justified to feel this wound up, yet only one person is really being affected by all that frustration and stress.

And the best bit is that the situation is long over and other people are merrily going along their way having completely forgotten whatever it was – while you go over it in your mind and feel that anger and stress building up inside.

Now it’s not for me to tell you not to experience all that anger, stress and frustration about trivial things because that’s up to you. But maybe you’d like a super quick, super-simple way to get over it in a fraction of the time?

So next time something happens that gives you that niggling anger, frustration and stress then just ask yourself:

‘Will this even matter an hour from now?’

Or my personal favourite:

‘Will I even remember this a week from now?’

Because if it isn’t that important then why are you even wasting any more of your time and effort on it?

So don’t look back in anger, look back and let it go.

Help To Calm Your Anger

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