Overcoming The Fear of Swimming in Open Water:

Do you have a fear of swimming in open water? Well, if you are a triathlete then that fear can seriously impact on your enjoyment of competing as well as your performance levels. Further down this article you can watch a testimonial from Miranda who overcame her fear and absolutely smashed her triathlon.

I'm just back from a week away with my family in Tenby, Pembrokeshire, an absolutely lovely place where we all had a great time. The weather was good, the beaches were amazing and we all really enjoyed our time there. Even the weather was just right (mostly!)!

The kids loved playing in the sea, whether it was splashing around, swimming a bit or getting knocked over by the waves. It was great to see how confident they have become in the water compared to previous years (I splashed around a bit but mainly stuck to dry land because the water was freeeeezing!!). 

There were also plenty of swimmers out in the sea and we often watched them make their way along the horizon. There's an Ironman triathlon event coming up in Tenby so I'd bet a few of them were in training for the open water swimming part.

Yet if open water swimming fills you with fear then a triathlon, or any other open water swimming, could fill you with dread, anxiety and worry. 

While some preferred to spend their holiday in the water...

overcome open water fear 

Some of us had very important sandcastle duties to perform...  

open water swimming fear 

Swimming in Open Water Fear 

Miranda came to see me for help to overcome her open water swimming fear. Having, in her words, 'freaked out' on previous occasions she wanted to feel calm and confident at her next triathlon. She knew from her training that she could swim the distance but would panic when she got to a race and saw the water. 

Following our sessions, Miranda absolutely smashed her next triathlon and was calm and confident before and during the swim. Here's what she had to say about her hypnotherapy sessions:

 overcoming fear of swimming hypnotherapy testimonial

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I love that! There's nothing that makes this job more worthwhile than helping someone to overcome worry and panic so they can do the things they want to do (and enjoy doing them!).

And of course it's not just open water fear that can be overcome; I've worked with many people who want to be able to get in a pool and swim calmly and confidently.

To your success,

Dan Regan

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Are you looking to overcome your fear, worry and anxiety? Whether it's swimming in open water like Miranda or it affects you in a different way, take a look at what other people have said and then contact me to arrange your free initial consultation