This fear of flying no longer takes off!!

Nothing makes me even more motivated and determined to help people than hearing about my clients who are now getting on with stuff that worried and stressed them before.

Take fear of flying for example. How many people avoid going on holiday and enjoying new experiences simply because their panic, fear and anxiety about getting on that plane is overwhleming?

So I was overjoyed when I got inot the office today to find a postcard waiting for me from one of my clients, Beth, telling me  what a great time she was having in Menorca.

overcoming fear of flying hypnotherapy


Now being Welsh I guess I should be quite used to the rain, yet as I looked out at the cold, wet and windy weather here in Ely, I couldn't help momentarily wishing I was back in the beach with my kids and having fun with them. 

But that's for another day and the sun is starting to poke its head through the clouds at last so have a great day, take action on your goals and speak soon!