Horse Riding Fear to Riding Confidence: 

Does the thought of riding fill you with fear and dread?

It may be that horse riding fear just crept up to the point where it is now a problem weighing you down, or maybe you had a nasty experience that now seems to hold you back from riding how you want to.

Working in Cambridgeshire and Newmarket I naturally work with a lot of people who want to regain a sense of riding confidence. Whether you are someone who rides for leisure or fun, or someone who works in the horse racing industry or who competes, it is possible to eliminate that fear and enjoy riding again.

Horse Riding Confidence 

There can be many reasons for a lack of horse riding confidence.

For example, I have helped people who work in the racing industry and who, after a fall or a kick, now feel anxious about riding out. Added to the stress and fear of the riding itself, was the extra anxiety that if it became noticable they could lose their job.

I have also helped women who found that the stress and anxiety of everyday life crept into their riding and seemed to stick despite everything else being resolved.  

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And there are those who wanted to compete but got too nervous to remember the sequences or were so worried about what the judges may be thinking that they didn't perform to the best of their ability.

Recently I helped a wonderful lady who had been full of fear and dread around riding. You can imagine how happy I was for her when she sent me this brilliant video clip of her riding down a route she used to avoid AND on her own AND on a windy day AND with a big, loud bin lorry going past. How awesome it that!

Ending Fear Of Horse Riding

Are you fed up of the dread of riding and all that stomach churning, heart racing stuff that goes with it? Maybe you are fed up of finding reasons and excuses to avoid riding because of all the worst case scanarios and the panic (as well as the worry about panicking). 

If you want to find out how you can move from riding fear to riding confidence and start enjoying your riding again, then get in touch and ask to book your free initial consultation and start looking forward to riding with a smile on your face again.

To your success

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