Do you struggle with a fear of the dentist? 

I get a lot of clients referred to me from dentists because they need treatment for their teeth yet they are so fearful that they can't go through with it. 

Many just avoid the dentist altogether until their tooth pain gets too great and they have to face their fear. Others may run from the chair or be unable to stop shaking, making dental treatment virtually impossible. Some will consistently cancel and postpone their appointments and I have even helped people who have had consistent panic attacks in the dentist chair.

Freedom From Dental Fear

I've previously written about how you can deal with your dentist fear so you may want to take a read of that info if you haven't already.

So to combat fear of the dentist you need to:

1) Take control over what you imagine will happen at the dentist - instead of worrying about things going wrong and feeling panicky, start to imagine things going ok, as if you were going to any other routine appointment.

2) Take control over your self talk - instead of winding yourself up into an anxious state, start reassuring yourself that you will be ok, that thousands of people have dental treatment without a hitch everyday and that you can trust your dentist because he is a professional. Which leads to...

3) Find a dentist you trust - these days you can shop around to find someone you feel comfortable with and who you feel understands that you may need a little extra reassurance due to your fears.

dentist fear hypnotherapy in ely

4) Learn how to relax - get in the habit of learning how to effectively relax. The more you practice relaxing and switching off, the easier it will be to replicate this with your eyes closed in the dentist chair (you can download my free rapid relaxation hypnosis MP3 if you need a good place to start with feeling calm). As you get used to relaxing, and in the lead up to your appointment, start relaxing while thinking of it all going successfully to create a new calmness link in your mind.

Successfully overcoming dentist fear

With the right help ,your dentist fear can become a thing of the past - which means healthier teeth and gums for you - and no worry about check ups and treatment in the future.

As an example, here is what Caron said after she came to see me for help with dental fear:

"A year ago today if anyone would have said that I would have no problem going to the dentist I would not have believed them, even going to the hygienist as an issue for me (I have been known to get out of the chair mid treatment) I joined Enhance dental in Ely and was seen by Patrick. On my first visit to sort out a troublesome tooth, Patrick could see my anguish even at the slightest of touch, at the end of the visit Patrick suggested I try Hypnotherapy as he knew of people it had helped in the past.

This is when I contacted Dan Regan. Dan worked with me to calm my nerves so that I was able to undergo the treatment I needed (Root canal/crown fitting), he showed me various breathing/counting exercises to do while I was in the dentist chair, along with the free hypnotherapy MP3 on the website plus other techniques to get me through the treatment.

overcome dentist fear hypnotherapy ely


Now I have no problem going to the dentist I just use Dan's techniques plus with Patrick being so good he always puts me at ease - I have even had a tooth taken out, which I wouldn't say it was a pleasant experience but I managed it without having to be sedated." Caron Pope, Ely, 21st December 2015. 

And if you would like to learn more about how this could be possible for you too then why not come along for a free initial chat to learn more.

Dan Regan

Hypnotherapy in Ely & Newmarket