Do you hate going to the dentist? Is the thought of it enough to bring the nerves and fear that stop you going?

Along with needle phobia, dentist phobia is one of the most common fears I help people to overcome.

Most people with a fear of the dentist will do all they can to avoid making an appointment - they may go years without even a check up - until something happens like tooth pain and they are left with no choice.

And the nearer the appointment gets the more you feel anxious or try to not think about it. In the waiting room you may feel hot, sweaty, on edge and like you want to pace up and down the room. And once they call your name you may find that panic increases, sometimes even to the point of a panic attack where you have to get out of the dentist chair as quickly as possible.

I have worked with clients who in the past had been to the dentist four or five times, but every time their dentist fear had taken over and they had left without treatment. Some have even been told not to come back until they have sorted their dentist phobia.

Ending Dentist Fear

No  matter how long you have had a fear of the dentist, you can soon learn to feel calm and in control about all stages of going to the destist - from making the appointment, to sitting in the waiting room to getting treated.


One recent client summed up her experience in this way:

"For the last 40 years I have had a fear of any kind of dental treatment, even telephoning to make an appointment would fill me with dread. After once again going through all the fear and anxiety of just having a check up, I decided that I needed some help.

I could not face the two appointments that were required, so I contacted Dan. His techniques have been so helpful and have completely changed how I feel about going.

I have now had the dental appointments and was amazed at how calm and relaxed I felt during the lead up to both appointments, whilst sitting in the waiting room and once in the dentist's chair, having the work done. I had no fear at all.

Amazing when I think how I would have felt before, so Dan I cannot thank you enough." Jane, Ely

A great result!

Dan Regan

Hypnotherapy in Ely & Newmarket