One of the hardest things if you suffer with a dog phobia is that dogs are everywhere! With many other phobias like the dentist or flying you can try and control your fear by avoiding those things.

Yet dogs can be found everywhere in your day to day life - outside shops, by play areas, on green spaces and even walking towards you down the street. And with a dog phobia you are likely to be alert to any possible sounds or sightings of dogs - especially dogs off their lead who could run towards you.

And most people with dog phobias whom I have helped have also carefully managed their contact with friends who own dogs. This may be making sure the dog will be shut in another room or even avoiding going to their house altogether.

When you are around or near a dog, that fear response will kick in. You will feel on edge, alert, probably keeping one eye constantly on the dog. Depending on how near the dog is and what it is doing you may even experience shaking, sweating, breathing changes and a racing heart.

Ending Your Dog Phobia

Recently I was working with a young girl who had a phobia of dogs. She wouldn't go near one or touch one and would avoid going to a friend;s house if they had a dog.

Yet at the same time she really wanted a puppy. 

In fact, she and her family were just waiting to collect a puppy when it was old enough. Yet when we started ending her fear, she couldn't go anywhere near it unless it was sleepy and docile. Unfortunately, puppies tend to be very jumpy and excited and want to run around and play. 

Despite her clear love for the puppy, it was approaching make or break whether they would be able to take the puppy home due to her overwhelming fear and worry.

So knowing how important it was for all the family to end this dog phobia, I was ecstatic when I received this feedback: 

"My 9 year old daughter has had a life long phobia of dogs. After 4 sessions with Dan, her confidence around dogs is amazing. We now have our own puppy and when other dogs come over to say hello on walks, she is more than happy to join in. Thank you so much Dan." Alison

Which just goes to show that you are never too young - or too old - to end your phobia and fear.

Dan Regan

Hypnotherapy Ely & Newmarket