Do you struggle with a fear of spiders?

Recently I’ve helped a number of people conquer their fear of spiders. One of the first things that nearly all of them told me was that they knew it was irrational – but they still couldn’t stop their fear and panic around spiders.

One of my clients would visibly physically flinch at just the thought of a spider. She told me she couldn’t even look at a picture of one without getting that panicky feeling, and she had countless examples of times she had needed to call for help to get a spider out of the room. She even had times she dreamt about them and woke in a panic 

Other clients check places in their houses where they had seen them before, and the sight of a spider on TV, especially a moving one, can start that feeling of fear.

No more fear of spiders 

Yet after just a few sessions, you can soon be free of your fear of spiders.

No more worry, nor fear, and relief from that sense of embarrassment around others.

As you become more comfortable around spiders, one of the first things you may notice is how you spend less time on the lookout for spiders, you’ll discover that you can look at pictures of them and even touch a picture of one.

And very soon when you spot one in your house, you’ll calmly and easily put it outside and get on with whatever you are doing.

As one client e-mailed to tell me: ‘There is a big spider above my car which doesn’t bother me which is good. Overall feel good about the whole spider thing so thank you very much.”

Help to be calm around spiders

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Dan Regan

Hypnotherapist & Coach

Hypnotherapy Ely, Cambridge, Newmarket