Do you suffer with a phobia? Perhaps you know someone who does?

If you have a phobia or fear then it can have a very limiting effect on what you do and rob you of the freedom to enjoy your life in all the situations you would like to. 

Although the impact of a phobia can vary, they all involve fear and anxiety and a desire to avoid certain situations or things and an overwhelming desire to get away if faced with them. Whatever the cause, your mind now fills you with overwhelming fear to get you away and keep you safe.

You may feel anxious and uneasy just looking at or thinking about the phobia. And you may have had shaking, sweating, heart palpitations, breathing changes and panic attacks in the past. 

Freedom from Phobias

I love helping people overcome their phobia because of the freedom and sense of ease it brings to your life 

Recently I’ve helped clients overcome the fear of flying so they can enjoy going on holiday, overcome the fear of driving so they can take their kids places and end the fear of spiders so they can relax without worrying where those little legs may be running around their house.

Fear of Balloons Goes Pop!

When Terry first came to see me he told me about his lifelong fear of balloons popping. He would avoid places he knew had balloons and would feel anxious and uneasy when balloons were about such as at parties. 

However, a few sessions later and Terry e-mailed me to say how he’d been blowing up and popping balloons at will. In fact, he’d burst his phobia and fear in the same way he now blows up and bursts balloons for fun.

As he said after our sessions: 

"Dan is amazing. He helped me change what I thought was impossible and make it possible." 

Before seeing Dan I had a phobia of balloons popping but after only 5 sessions, I had the courage to go out and face my fear head on and step by step over a couple of days and for the third time today I have blown lots of balloons up and popped them with no ear protection either :) so extremely proud. I have done around 100 balloons all together now.

Anyone reading this while thinking of going with Dan, my advice is go for it. Thanks again.” Terry

 And he even sent me a photo of him easily blowing up a balloon, something he hadn’t considered remotely possible of ever happening just a few weeks earlier:

 Overcome phobia of balloons

 Helping you to overcome your Phobia and Fear

 If you suffer with a phobia or fear and would like to be free of it then call me on 01353 669941 and ask to book your free initial consultation.

Best wishes

Dan Regan

Hypnotherapist & Coach