I’ve recently been working with several clients who have a fear of going to the dentist or having dental treatment such as fillings.

One client I worked with would visibly shake and cry just telling me about the possibility of going to the dentist. Another told me how she’s tried four times to have a tooth removed and each time she had experienced a panic attack and had run from the room. Others have talked about how they have avoided treatment or how they live with the constant worry that, at any time, they may need something done.

For whatever reason, their minds had decided that going to the dentist was the scariest thing of all and therefore triggered their flight response (sweating, feeling sick, hyperventilating etc.) to get them out of that situation.

Most people will tell you that, given the choice, they could find a million things they’d rather be doing 

than going to the dentist (some could probably name more than a million!).

Yet, most people are still able to freely go and have a check-up or work done knowing that it’s important for their health.

Overcome Fear of the Dentist

Yet if you have a dentist fear, even a simple check-up becomes an anxious and tense affair. And when treatment is needed the anxiety and panic shoots up – whether it’s thought of the injection, the possible pain or some other factor they focus on. Many people with dentist phobia also talk about the smell of the dentist which just adds to their anxiety and panic.

However, using my hypnotherapy systems, the clients I have worked with were able to go from a state of knowing 100% they couldn’t go through with the dental treatment to 100% succeeding in having it done. Now they can spend their time thinking about other things without that old dentist fear lurking at the back of their minds waiting to strike. And wouldn’t that be a relief?

 Here’s what some of them have said:

 “My daughter finally achieved her aim after 2 years and beat her phobia of injections. After 6 sessions with Dan she managed to use some of the techniques Dan taught her, and have teeth out to enable her to have a brace. She was so pleased with herself and will now be able to have her brace fitted” Amanda, Ely

 “I went to the dentist yesterday as discussed and had the filling needed. It was better than times in the past, I even said to my dentist once out of the chair that it wasn't as bad as I expected and I left the place with a smile on my very numb face” Michael, Ely

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