Fear of Flying Help and Support

It's great to be back up and running with helping you to overcome your fear of flying!

During the pandemic pretty much nobody was flying anywhere. Now that things are opening up and holidays and trips abroad have become more feasible again, those of you with a flying fear may be in need of some help and support.

As well as my one-to-one hypnotherapy sessions (in Ely, Newmarket and online), our successful fear of flying course is back up and running in Mildenhall. This fantastic course involves information, understanding and coping tools, as well as a hypnotherapy session and an experience in the flight simulator.  

You can learn more about the fear of flying course and book here:  https://www.sim2do.com/fear-of-flying.

fear of flying hypnotherapy in ely
And you may also be interested in these articles of mine about the fear of flying and which have contributed to the development of the course:

Many people with a fear of flying either avoid it, and miss out on holidays and trips, or suffer excessively throughout the journey. The flights can become the biggest thing about the whole trip and can dominate your thoughts and feelings both beforehand, when at the airport, and aboard the plane. It may take a while to get over the flight and once you start to enjoy your trip you may already find that your thoughts turn to anxiety about the flight back. 

By learning all about what's going on with the plane and during the flight you can start to feel safer in the air. And as you call upon effective coping strategies, you can reduce the anxiety and feel more in control over your thoughts and feelings. And that means the flight just becomes how you get from A to B, or even becomes an opportunity to relax and feel comfortable on your way to successfully reaching your destination.

To your flying success,

Dan Regan

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