Could you use more confidence, self belief and motivation on the football field?

No matter how much time and effort you put into your physical and skills training, if your mind isn't in the right place then you may not be playing as well as you know you can.

Maybe you dwell on mistakes and it erodes your self belief, you may lose focus and concentration during the game or maybe you just find that your performances fall short of what you know you can deliver. And, whatever your position, not performing to your potential can leave you feeling frustrated, unmotivated and lacking the self belief you need.

And the less confident you feel the more it impacts when you play. Whether it's those negative things you say to youself before, during or after the match, or that feeling you can't be the real  player you want to be or perhaps it's like a block that leaves you stuck feeling bad.

So how can you improve your football with hypnotherapy so you can consistently perform in the zone? 

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As a running leader with Ely Runners, and being a keen runner myself, I love helping people improve their sports performance and that feeling of satisfaction they enjoy when they perform to their potential.

Whatever your level and sport, you can learn from the techniques of champions and Olympians so that you get in your best performance zone and enjoy the results of all your practice and training.

Getting in the Zone

Recently I was working with an athlete who would get very nervous on race day. Vast amounts of energy were being wasted just trying to hold the anxiety at bay and all the things that worked so well in training would vanish.

She would perform reasonably well but was left emotionally exhausted by the end of the day and was worried about losing her love of her sport.

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Recently I’ve been helping to run the first ever Beginners Running Group with Ely Runners. We’ve had 40- 50 people turning up each week which has made being involved in the group a fantastic experience.

One thing that you become aware of in a group like this is that everyone has their own goals and reasons for being there. It may be:

  • To get fitter and healthier