Do you need help to curtail your binge drinking? Are you unable to stop and continue until the last drop is gone?

Recently I was chatting with a client who had come to see me about binge drinking. I've been helping him to end his binge drinking and take control over alcohol.

And with the recent new UK guidelines on safe alcohol limits, now may be a good time to take control over your drinking so that you no longer need alcohol as a crutch or a habit you can't do without. 

So what are the first steps you can take to start controlling your binge drinking?

Binge Drinking

I regularly work with clients who feel they are no longer in control over how much alcohol they are drinking. Whether that's drinking a bottle every evening or binge drinking on the weekends, they can either no longer go without alcohol or they try and cut down and then soon find themselves slipping back into that excessive drinking.

Generally speaking, having a few drinks now and then is not a problem. But if you can't stop once you start or you can't go out without alcohol then it may be more of an issue. And you may be one of those drinkers who needs one to unwind at the end of the day or who needs that extra drink or can't leave it untouched.

So if you could use more control over your binge drinking then a good place to start is to follow the steps below.

Control Your Binge Drinking

 Start taking control over your excessive drinking by implementing these steps:

1) Keep A Record: Before you can start changing something you need to know what you do now. Keep an honest record of every alcoholic drink you have over the next week. Be honest with yourself and look for patterns such as using alcohol to handle stress or always drinking at a certain time or with certain people. The more you know about your triggers and patterns, the easier it will be for you to change them.

2) Interrupt Those Patterns: once you have a good knowledge of what you currently do, start making small changes to break and dilute those patterns. For example, if you usually drink after work to signal that it is time to relax, plan to do something different like going for a walk, listening to my free relaxation audio or taking a shower. Your mind works on patterns and repetition so start consciously changing those patterns of behaviour.

binge drinking hypnotherapy in ely

3) Slow Down: Binge drinkers often drink very quickly, with the result that they consume a lot of alcohol in a short space of time. And then, with their reasoning imparied, they carry on and on. Commit to slowing down your drinking - learn to actually taste your drink and to be more interested in who you are with and what you are doing rather than when you can start the next drink. Carry this over into the rest of your life so that whatever you are drinking you make it a habit to slow right down.

4) Don't Keep It Too Handy: If you often drink excessively at home, stop keeping alcohol in the house. If it is there it is too easy to reach for it and get started before you've even thought it through. 

5) Do Something: It's good to decide that you need to do something about your binge drinking but if you don't do something about it and take some action then you'll still be thinking the same things in a week, a month, a year... So decide that you will take action. Have a think about why you want to stop drinking or cut down: is it for your health, your happiness, because you are fed up of being unable to remember what you've done?  Have you upset someone or is it some other reason? Remind yourself of these reasons daily and do things that make you feel healthier and happier.

Binge Drinking Help

Implement these five actions and you could be well on the way to taking back control over your drinking.

And if you'd like a chat about how hypnotherapy can help you then come along for a free initial hypnotherapy consultation.

To your heath and happiness, 

Dan Regan

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