What would it be like to simply let go of all that public speaking anxiety you’ve been carrying with you for all those years through all those work and social situations?  Imagine what you would say to yourself if you knew you had all the confidence and self esteem you could need to breeze through any public speaking situation in a calm and controlled way.

When Ella came to see me recently she was anxious (some might say petrified!) about

a speech she was going to be carrying out at a wedding. She really, really, really wanted to do the speech but whenever she thought of it that public speaking anxiety and all those thoughts of things going wrong in front of family and friends would make her physically uneasy.

Public Speaking Confidence

She had suffered from low confidence and low self esteem for many years and part of her almost thought that was just the way she was. In important social, work and family situations she would tell herself to not feel anxious - but yet again her throat would tighten, the words wouldn’t come our the way she wanted, she would feel hot, uncomfortable and breathless. Just the thought of speaking in front of others or to senior managers could be enough to start the physical symptoms all over again.

After one hypnotherapy session Ella told me she felt a little more confidence about the speech but still wasn’t sure if she would actually commit to doing it. After session two I had to cross out in my notes where I’d written that she didn’t feel good enough or worthy – because it was no longer true for her. And after hypnotherapy session three she told me she was ready to do as many speeches as they’d let her get up and do!

So consider, if you’ve been living with public speaking anxiety, low confidence and low self esteem for all this time, how good is it to know that there is an effective way to change? If you let go of it all what would it allow you to do? What would that mean to you?

Help to End Anxiety & Boost Confidence 

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Dan Regan


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