Do you live within your comfort zone, doing the same things day after day?

Obviously if you are happy where you are then that is fine! Yet many people feel stuck in the treadmill of their life, doing the same things over and over and getting nowhere even though they want to move forward.

We are all hard wired to want to learn and grow to feel fulfilled and more for most of us standing still isn't much of a fulfilling option.

So to start stretching that comfort zone and feeling naturally more confident and motivated do this:

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  1. Starting TODAY – do one small thing that pushes you to the limits of your confidence – maybe it’s phoning instead of e-mailing; maybe you can start a conversation about nothing with a stranger; or maybe you make a start on that thinking you’ve been putting off. Whatever it is, do it today.
  2. Tomorrow do two small things which push at your comfort levels. You may feel a bit nervous, a bit apprehensive but do it anyway!
  3. In two days’ time do three small things and keep doing three small things every day for the next week. Then go back to one and start again.

In no time at all, through taking small steps, you’ll be living more and more the fulfilling, confident life that’s waiting for you now.

Dan Regan

Hypnotherapy in Ely & Newmarket