I’ve had a busy week helping people turbo charge their confidence so they know they can achieve the things they want to with their life. 

They've been busy getting rid of limiting beliefs, ending their worry about what other people think and stopping thoughts of failure.  Being free of these learnt limitations means they can re-discover how to be confident and happy.

To get the confidence habit you need to:


1) Take control of your self-talk. It’s time to ditch the downbeat, whinging voice in your head. Talk to yourself in a confident tone, remind yourself of your progress, be your own best friend. Remind yourself whatever happens, you’ll be ok.


2) Use your body confidently. Stand a bit taller, look up more, relax your shoulders and develop your confidence posture.


3) Take Immediate Action. There comes a point where you have to end the analysis and just go and do something. Feel the fear, feel the excitement and take that initial step forward. Nothing happens until you do something.


Do these three things every day and enjoy the habit of being more and more confident.


Dan Regan

Hypnotherapy in Ely & Newmarket