I get a lot of queries asking about how stop smoking hypnotherapy works and what it involves. For many people who smoke, the idea that they could be free of the habit in just two hours seems difficult to understand after they may have been smoking for many years. 

Using advanced levels of hypnotherapy, hypnosis and NLP it is possible to stop smoking in just 2.5 hours. Consciously if you could just stop smoking then you would just decide never to smoke again. However, habits are run at an unconscious level and so we need to work with you unconscious mind to address the associations, habits and underlying reasons for smoking. 

It’s a bit like when you first learned to

tie shoelaces – at first you had to really pay attention and concentrate on what you were doing. But over time it became something you do without even thinking about, maybe while not really paying much attention at all.

And with smoking when you first started you needed to pay attention to what you were doing from buying them through to taking one out of the packet, lighting it and learning to deal with inhaling. Over time these things have become automatic so without ever stopping to ask whether you really want to smoke, you reach for the packet and off you go – whether it’s to deal with stress, boredom, in social situations or anxious situations or just because you feel like you need one at that moment.

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

As long as when you arrive at the session you have decided that you never want to smoke again (and have effectively already smoked your last cigarette), by the end of your stop smoking session you will:

  • Have changed your associations to cigarettes so that you would never want to put one in your mouth again.
  • Have changed your habits so that whenever you used to smoke, or even when you see cigarettes, you will feel healthy, calm and confident about being free from smoking.
  • Have addressed the underlying effect on your body of smoking so that you can feel calm and in control even in stressful, anxious or boredom situations where you used to smoke.
  • Be able to enjoy thinking about all the things you can do in your healthy, happy future with your family and friends, in your career and socially.

Stop smoking sessions last 2.5 hours and a further session is included if you need it (this is rarely, if ever, needed). You will also receive a free hypnosis CD so that you can easily continue with your new healthy, confident, successful lifestyle once you leave the room.

Stop Smoking Help 

When you are ready to stop smoking, call me on 01353 669941 and ask to book your free stop smoking consultation

Dan Regan

Hypnotherapist & Coach

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