Quit Smoking Now with my Quit Smoking Hypnosis Programme:

There has never been a better time to quit smoking, especially if the cost of smoking is an important factor to you. Last month's UK Budget saw the price of cigarettes increase by 4.9% and tobacco increase by 5.9% (as reported in the Daily Mirror)

Of course, when it comes to your motivation to quit smoking, it may be that money is only part of the picture.

After all, health issues are normally way up that list of reasons to come and see me for quit smoking hypnosis. It may be noticing that you get out of breath more and more frequently or perhaps you or a loved one have had an illness scare that has tipped that balance to taking action. There are plenty of other reasons to quit smoking too, including the smell, worries about your kids copying your habit, the impact on your skin and the ever growing anti social nature of it that can mean you find yourself standing alone outside in all weather. 

Recently I've had a large influx of people coming to see me after other stop smoking hypnosis clients have referred them to me. 

Quit Smoking Hypnosis Success

One of the questions I'm often asked is how successful is my quit smoking hypnosis programme. Of course, no method is 100% and it requires my clients to take action and engage in their own success. After all, what would they rather do: nothing or take action that is likely to mean being healthier and happier?

That's why I have tested and designed my programme to put you in the best place for success. You carry out some straight forward activities before you quit that ramp up your motivation and desire to be a non-smoker. Then we have your stop smoking hypnosis session and you also get a whole load of follow up support. I truly believe that it is one of the most thorough programmes out there.

In fact, you may have already watched some of the video testimonials I have received from happy clients - Quit Smoking Hypnosis Video Testimonials


Just today I heard from a recent stop smoking client who told me what 'an amazing feeling' it was to not even think about smoking any more. He'd been out drinking with friends (and we all know that alcohol can be a big trigger) and had a great time without his old habit. He left me these mementoes after he came to my office for his hypnosis session:

quit smoking hypnosis ely 

And another recent client showed me this (in case you are wondering it's the butts from all the cigarettes smoked in the week before quitting and I can tell you it is rank!): 

stop smoking hypnosis ely and newmarket


Of course I'm more than happy if my clients ever want to bring me more pleasant gifts! Although what better gift is there to a hypnotherapist than hearing from a client how well they are getting on without any desire to smoke anymore? 

So whether the ever increasing cost is the thing that finally persuades you to do something about your smoking habit, or whether you are fed up of worrying about your health and feeling dictated to by nicotine, perhaps now would be a good time to finally quit?

To your health and happiness

Dan Regan

Hypnotherapy in Ely & Newmarket

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