Quit Smoking - 10 Tips To Help You Quit

March 8th 2017 was National No Smoking Day and I was delighted to appear in the Cambridge News giving my top 10 tips to help you quit smoking.

With the financial cost of smoking ever-rising, along with the health cost of your habit, there never has been a better time to quit.

 You can get value from the tips by reading the article using the link below.

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Top Ten Tips To Quit Smoking

If you are planning to quit smoking then using these tips will certainly help you to achieve your goal, both in the lead up to stopping and after you successfully become a non-smoker.

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You can read the article on the Cambridge News website here: National No Smoking Day: 10 tips to help you quit

The tips cover five things to do before you quit to set yourself up for success, as well as five things to do once you are a non smoker to support staying that way.

And of course, seeking effective professional help can make the job of stopping smoking all the easier so consider getting support to break free from that old smoking habit.

Before You Stop – Prepare to Quit The Habit

1. KEEP A RECORD of every cigarette you smoke for at least a week before you stop. Start paying attention to the habit. Smokers nearly always smoke in the same places and situations so paying attention will mean you can successfully plan to be ready for those situations when you quit.

2. LIST YOUR REASONS. Make a list of all your personal reasons for quitting. These may include feeling better, improving your health, saving money, being fed up of it, wanting to be there for loved ones in the future and many others. Focus on all the positive reasons you have for quitting smoking. Keep the list with you and review it daily.

3. SAVE YOUR BUTTS. Keep all your cigarette butts in a jar or battle with water. Watch it getting more and more disgusting with every cigarette end as motivation to quit for good.     

4. CHANGE BRAND AND HANDS. To start interrupting the auto pilot smoking habit, make changes to how you do it. For at least 3 days before you quit, change your brand (one you dislike) and start holding the cigarette in the other hand.

5. SET A QUIT DATE and stick to it. Decide when you are going to stop for good and put it in your diary. Tell friends, family and colleagues and enlist their support and encouragement.

Being A Non Smoker

1. WAKE UP A NON SMOKER! Enjoy it! Celebrate it! Start considering yourself as a non smoker from the moment you quit. Make it part of who you are. Reset your mindset.

2. CHANGE THE PATTERNS. Your old smoking habit worked on patterns – you smoked in the same sort of situations. Because you kept a note and paid attention you know these triggers. So now do things differently – start changing and create new healthy patterns and habits.

3. HANDLE CRAVINGS. You may get some old craving and urges. The key is to remember that these will seem immediate and urgent but they won’t last long. Remind yourself that they are a positive sign that your body is adjusting to being healthier. Counter any old cravings by deep breathing and going and doing something else – go for a brisk walk, go and speak to someone, drink some water and do something else that keeps you mentally busy. You are strong enough to handle them successfully.

4. PRACTICE SAYING NO. It can help to avoid smokers as much as possible at first. If this isn’t possible, practice in advance confidently saying no to any offers of a cigarette. Rehearse it so much that it seems natural.

5. ADOPT A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. You’ve taken the biggest step to health and happiness so now build on it. Start eating healthier, drinking more water and exercising. Enjoy feeling better and better with each and every day.

To your health and happiness,

Dan Regan

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