Recently I've been working with loads of people who want to stop smoking (and who are now non-smokers!).

And I know there are many more out there who could use the help to quit.

To a non-smoker it seems obvious that you should stop smoking - they will tell you about the impact on your health and the cost of smoking, as well as the stink of it on your clothes and in your hair.

Every smoker I work with already knows that every puff is leading them to an early grave and that they really should stop smoking right now. So what keeps you smoking even when you know the consequences?

Stop The Smoking Habit

Once you have stopped smoking, and maybe you have in the past for a time, you know you feel better, healthier and happier. You have more energy, look younger and breathe easier. And you may have enjoyed noticing your sense of taste and smell returning.

One person I recently helped to successfully stop smoking after 20 years said:

"Highly recommend Dan. Smoked for 20 years and with the help of Dan I can now focus, relax and be non-smoker :) Thank you very much :):):):)" Bodek, Newmarket. (BTW you can read what others have said here:

stop smoking hypnotherapy in ely and newmarket

THE Reason To Stop Smoking

From all the smokers I've helped to become non smokers, one things is clear - you have to have your own reason to quit smoking. It has to be strong enough and personal enough to get you out of your 'it would be nice to quit smoking' mentality, and into your 'I have to do this and I'm going to do this' mindset.

For many smokers the prospect of saving thousands of pounds is not painful enough to make them decide to quit - it's nice to have more money to spend on other things but you already know from experience that if you need to find a few quid for some fags then somehow you'll find it.

For others their health is the drving factor - especially if you have noticed feeling lethargic and ghetting out of breath more and more frequently. You may even have already had chest pains or been diagnosed with a smoking related illness - or know many other smokers who have.

Your motivation may be that you want to look younger, feel cleaner and smell fresher - you don't want to be looking older than you are because of the impact of cigarettes do you?

Often children and grandchildren will inspire you to take action. I've worked with many people who don't want to smoke in front of kids, don't want to have to ruin time together by popping out for a fag, and definitely don't want the kids watching and learning from you and ending up smokers because they watched you do it.

The Pain Of Stopping Smoking

When the pain of smoking - the impact on your health, looks, family, and how you feel - gets too great you take action (hopefully!). Many smokers don't like to think into the future beyond their next fag - yet NOW is the time to do just that. What will life be like as a smoker 5 years from now? 10? Longer??

When I work with people to stop smoking we address all the different aspects of your smoking habit - the habit itself, the associations of smoking, the motivation to stop and stay stopped, as well as putting you back in the driving seat of your life rather than being governed by a little white stick.

When you have the reasons and the motivation to take action, when stopping smoking is something you MUST do and not a nice to do, get in touch and come for a free consultation and we can soon have you healthier, happier and feeling good.

Dan Regan

Hypnotherapy in Ely & Newmarket