Why Now Really Is the Time To Quit Smoking

I've been helping people to quit smoking for over a decade. Whilst there can be many motivations and reasons for quitting, health usually features pretty highly. That could be due to an existing health issue that smoking exacerbates, worry over getting ill in the future, or fears, worries and hopes around wanting a longer life for you and to be there for your loved ones. Naturally there can be several other reasons and motivations yet not wanting to risk further damage to your health, or a shorter life than you could have, are pretty powerful reasons to quit smoking.

I mention further on, that research has now strongly suggested that being a smoker can increase the risk that you get Covid-19, and that if you do get the disease, that you will get more severe symptoms (increasing the risk of hospitalisation). If ever there was a time to quit, during the pandemic could therefore well be that time.

As it happens, I'm just about to start reading a novel that involves a lead character having hypnotherapy to stop smoking (Smoking Kills by Antoine Laurain). I'm hoping that hypnotherapy is accurately represented because often all I ever see in films and read in books is a load of mumbo-jumbo that isn't based on anything remotely like reality. According to the blurb on the back of the book the hypnotherapy is successful but overwhelming stress leads to lighting up again (incidentally, one of the reasons I cover in my stop smoking sessions, strategies for handling stress once you've quit). However, he finds that smoking doesn't give any sense of release from the stress like it once did (perhaps because nicotine is a stressor and smoking doesn't help you relax at all). He then stumbles upon some criminal way to recapture that nicotine joy...(although there really is little joy from nicotine and smoking and turning to crime is certainly not recommended!). I'll let you know how I get on with it once I've read it. 

And so back to the research about the association between being a smoker and Covid-19 risk.

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Hypnotherapy to help you stop smoking:

When it comes to quitting smoking with hypnosis and hypnotherapy, we need to be clear from the outset. Any quit smoking programme involves motivation, commitment, effort and doing stuff. There is no way of passively becoming a non-smoker (successfully) - even someone switching to e-cigarettes has to take some action and go and get them and use them.

All of which, of course, means that there is no single system that will help everyone. And, in my opinion, there is no way to quit without putting in that effort, and for some, a good deal of determination and persistence.

This weekend I worked with a lovely lady who wanted to quit smoking her roll-ups. She'd smoked them for fifteen or more years and had never said no to a cigarette and had never gone a whole day without one. Before I sit down with anyone for the hypnosis session, there are several pre-quitting actions to take. Again, the more someone invests there time and energy in these the greater the likely reward. In this case, by taking those steps this lady went from 20 a day to averaging less than six a day during that week before she actually quit. Now that is solid motivation and commitment.

Of course, results vary from person to person, but hypnotherapy certainly is a valid option for many. 

Just recently I was invited to write for the awesome Good Zing website about how hypnotherapy can help someone to quit smoking.

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Quitting Smoking - Cut Down or Stop Completely?

This weekend just gone I spent Sunday with a lovely couple who had travelled over fifty miles to see me for help quitting smoking, having been referred my way by a friend who had also stopped smoking with me. One thing many smokers have tried in their previous quitting attempts is to start cutting down. 

It's perhaps long been assumed by many smokers that cutting down their habit must lead to a proportionate reduction in the risk of harm to their health. That is, if you go from a twenty a day habit down to ten a day, the surely the health risks must also be halved? 

However, recent research published in the British Medical Journal has found that, in the case of cardiovascular disease (the risk of developing coronary heart disease or having a stroke),  

As they conclude in their findings, "Smoking only about one cigarette per day carries a risk of developing coronary heart disease and stroke much greater than expected: around half that for people who smoke 20 per day. No safe level of smoking exists for cardiovascular disease. Smokers should aim to quit instead of cutting down to significantly reduce their risk of these two common major disorders."

That's pretty hard hitting stuff if you are currently a smoker and you thought that cutting down was safer in some way, the fact is, it just isn't that much safer with regards to heart disease and stroke risks. And perhaps this is even more alarming when you consider that, as reported by the BBC,  "cardiovascular disease, not cancer, is the greatest mortality risk for smoking, causing about 48% of smoking-related premature deaths".

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Quit Smoking Now with my Quit Smoking Hypnosis Programme:

There has never been a better time to quit smoking, especially if the cost of smoking is an important factor to you. Last month's UK Budget saw the price of cigarettes increase by 4.9% and tobacco increase by 5.9% (as reported in the Daily Mirror)

Of course, when it comes to your motivation to quit smoking, it may be that money is only part of the picture.

After all, health issues are normally way up that list of reasons to come and see me for quit smoking hypnosis. It may be noticing that you get out of breath more and more frequently or perhaps you or a loved one have had an illness scare that has tipped that balance to taking action. There are plenty of other reasons to quit smoking too, including the smell, worries about your kids copying your habit, the impact on your skin and the ever growing anti social nature of it that can mean you find yourself standing alone outside in all weather. 

Recently I've had a large influx of people coming to see me after other stop smoking hypnosis clients have referred them to me. 

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Quit Smoking and Stop Being a Social Smoker:

With Stoptober upon us once again, thousands of people will be attempting once again to successfully quit smoking. And, knowing the detrimental impact of cigarettes, I applaud each and every person attempting to take back control over their life and end their habit.

As part of all the advertising, there is a huge push towards stop smoking medication, patches and, more recently, e-cigarettes. Yet there is often much less emphasis on the mindset and habit aspects, aside from suggesting replacing one nicotine habit with another or telling everyone about your attempt and asking for their support.

It was a little disappointing that the NHS should have decided to push e-cigatettes as the answer to all smoking ills. After all, whilst they are considered to be a better option that cigarettes, they still leave you at the mercy of nicotine and the habits that go with it (and that's even if we overlook that no one is quite sure what the long term health impacts of e-cigarettes may be).

Surely it would be far more benefical to teach people how to end their smoking and nicotine habit completely?

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Quit Smoking - 10 Tips To Help You Quit

March 8th 2017 was National No Smoking Day and I was delighted to appear in the Cambridge News giving my top 10 tips to help you quit smoking.

With the financial cost of smoking ever-rising, along with the health cost of your habit, there never has been a better time to quit.

 You can get value from the tips by reading the article using the link below.

quit smoking cambridge news

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Quitting Smoking After 30 Years:

Do you have a love-hate realtionship with smoking? Maybe you want to quit smoking and know you should yet sometimes you feel like you enjoy it or the fact that you get a few minutes to yourself.

Or maybe you are one of those smokers who actually hates it yet you still go on being controlled by it and a slave to it. And it could be that you are even afraid of quitting smoking in case you fail or you start over-eating instead.

Whatever the reason you continue to smoke, it is possible to sucessfully quit smoking, just like the person in the video below.

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Are you tired of the effects of smoking? Fed up of having your life dictated by cigarettes? 

You've probably been fed the line that smoking is an addiction for years, yet that can't quite explain how some people are able to give up overnight just like that. And nearly everyone knows someone who went from being chained to the effects of smoking and puffing like a steam train and then who quit smoking seemingly effortlessly overnight.

Whilst there is certainly a physical aspect to smoking from that nicotine, far stronger in stopping you in your efforts to quit smoking are the psychological habits and associations.

To start you on your way to breaking free, I've included some quit smoking tips below.

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Recently I helped someone who had smoked heavily for 54 years to easily stop smoking successfully.

And of course I've also helped many other people who have smoked for a few years, dozens of years or many decades to quit smoking for good.

In effect, they all went from being a smoker when they walked in the room, to being someone who used to smoke and no longer does when they left their session.

The reason my stop smoking programme works so effectively (as long as you want to quit smoking) is that it addresses all the key aspects of smoking.

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Recently I've been working with loads of people who want to stop smoking (and who are now non-smokers!).

And I know there are many more out there who could use the help to quit.

To a non-smoker it seems obvious that you should stop smoking - they will tell you about the impact on your health and the cost of smoking, as well as the stink of it on your clothes and in your hair.

Every smoker I work with already knows that every puff is leading them to an early grave and that they really should stop smoking right now. So what keeps you smoking even when you know the consequences?

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