Whenever someone is looking for help with weight loss you can tick many, or even all, of these off their list:

  • You've tried and failed with several diets and dieting clubs
  • You use food as emotional support when tired, stressed, bored etc
  • You feel out of control with your weight with little control over eating
  • You're fed up of being unhappy, avoiding mirrors and being unable to wear those nice clothes

And there may be a few more habits, behaviours and cravings going on.

All of these combine to just leave you feeling out of control, unhealthy, fat and miserable.

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There’s been a lot in the press recently about the amount of sugar in our diet and the potential negative consequences for our health and weight.

When you look at the figures, the amount of sugar in our diet has increased massively. And whilst you would expect to find a lot if sugar in ‘full-fat’ fizzy drinks, sweets and chocolate, it can be surprising to discover the amount of ‘hidden’ sugar where we wouldn’t necessarily expect to find it. For example, there is often plenty of sugar in products that are labelled low fat and even in bread and soup.

So why is all this sugar being added? Are we really all sugar addicts?

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Weight loss doesn’t need to be hard. So if you want to lose weight and enjoy the journey to being a thinner you then follow these steps:

1. Forget Diets – Think Healthy 

Forget diets – they don’t work long term and never will. Chance are you’ve tried at least one of the main ones and it didn’t get you the long term results you dreamed of. It’s time to step off the diet industry up and down roller-coaster.

As I tell my weight loss clients, your goal is to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

When you are living healthy, you move more, you make healthier choices most of the time and you can relax about your weight loss.

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You’ve been losing weight for a while and then, although nothing has changed you hit a weight loss plateau!

Now maybe you thought nothing of it, at first, but now you are finding it sticks in your mind. You’re feeling a bit anxious, maybe even panicky about what is going on with your weight loss plans.

There can be many reasons that you hit a weight loss plateau – and it is more common than you would like to think, to find that you stop losing weight for a while.

So here are four things to consider before you run for the diet industry’s short term fix.

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Are you looking to achieve super successful weight loss and sustain it year after year? Is it time you enjoyed being thinner, fitter, healthier and happier in yourself?

Maybe you are constantly frustrated with how diets never seem to work for you longer term, how you can make weight loss progress and then seem to sabotage it all, and all the time still having no control over unhelpful eating habits and behaviours.

If this resonates with you then the good news is that, whether you want to lose a little weight or a lot, I can help you succeed with your weight loss goals.

Because in addition to my existing successful hypnotherapy weight loss programmes,

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When they first come to see me, many of my Ely weight loss clients tell me that it feels like the food (whether it’s chocolate, crisps, cheese or something else) has all the control.

They only have to see it or, in some cases, think about it and soon they find that familiar craving taking over. It may have even become automatic – walk into the kitchen grab it and eat. Without pausing.

Taking control over weight loss

A recent client of mine, who we’ll call Sheila, came to see me after putting on two stone which she couldn’t shift.

She told me she knew she was eating too much, even overeating on things which made her feel ill afterwards. She even called her eating an ‘obsession’ – thinking about food all the time and using it to try and help handle the stress in her life.

But knowing that we don’t want to be doing things the way we are, and actually changing them, can be two very different things.

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How often have you vowed to lose weight only to find yourself back in those old unhealthy ways of living? 

Maybe you promised yourself that this time would be different – no matter what, you’d stick to your plan, shift that weight and keep it off for good.

Yet somewhere along the line, things start going back to those old ways – it may be a slow, almost unnoticeable slide, or life may throw something at you and you run back to food to help you deal with it.

Does this resonate? I’ve seen this happen time and time again and I really feel for you if all that effort has left you squeezing into your clothes with nothing but frustration.

Are you sick of your boom-bust cycle of dieting? Fed up with those moments of guilt after using food to make you feel better? Had enought of failing at weight loss?

Maybe you don’t even know how or why you end up sabotaging your weight loss. It’s all too common to find that the part of us that wants to eat that cake or crisps or cheese just seems so much stronger that the part of us that screams to look after your health.

But here’s the key thing:

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I’ve worked with hundreds of people to help them achieve weight loss in a way that allows them to reach their target weight and dress size – and then keep at that weight for year after year.

And many people who come to see me tell me similar things about their experiences with weight loss, such as:

  1. I’ve tried every diet out there – and I lost loads of weight but then put it all back on again (and more)
  2. I suffer (or used to) with anxiety, depression, stress or something else and use food to help me feel better
  3. I’ve always had bad habits around food (maybe even since childhood) and can’t seem to change them on my own

Whichever one or more of these applies, there are things we can do to change it for the better to improve that relationship with food, your emotions and your health.

However, that isn’t all of it.

The Strangest Thing About Weight Loss

The strangest thing about weight loss is this:

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If you’ve been watching ‘Secret Eaters’ on Channel 4, you’ll have seen that each episode they follow around some people who want to lose weight to check what they are eating and when. Usually the people involved start the programme by saying how they can’t understand why they are overweight as they eat a healthy diet and avoid snacking or drinking too much.

What they often find is a great disparity between how much people think they are eating and how much they actually eat in reality. In most cases there isn’t any intention to deceive, it’s simply that when we do something so often (like eating), we don’t necessarily pay attention to or register what we put in our mouths. I’m guessing that most people reading this couldn’t definitely state what and how much they have eaten over the last few days without missing out some things.

That’s why when I’m working with weight loss clients THE first thing we work on is:

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It isn’t often that I ask a client if I can publish an e-mail received from them before we’ve finished all of our hypnotherapy sessions together. However, I received an e-mail from one weight loss client recently that both moved and inspired me and I wanted to share it with you.

My client came to see me for weight loss hypnotherapy having struggled with weight loss since her teens. She’d suffered both anorexia and bulimia in the past and still felt her relationship with her self-image, weight and food wasn’t as healthy as it could be.

This is her update after three hypnotherapy sessions together:  

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