You’ve been losing weight for a while and then, although nothing has changed you hit a weight loss plateau!

Now maybe you thought nothing of it, at first, but now you are finding it sticks in your mind. You’re feeling a bit anxious, maybe even panicky about what is going on with your weight loss plans.

There can be many reasons that you hit a weight loss plateau – and it is more common than you would like to think, to find that you stop losing weight for a while.

So here are four things to consider before you run for the diet industry’s short term fix.

1. Be Patient

It doesn’t seem to matter now that you patiently built up the weight until you had to do something about it. Once you get in the grip of ‘plateau fever' you want weight loss and you want it now!

You may be regarded as one of the calmest and most patient people around – normally. But even you can suddenly become impatient about weight loss.

So as long as you haven’t started falling into unhelpful habits, if it has only been a week or even a few weeks, stay calm. After all, being healthy and feeling good are ways of life that you can enjoy year after year, so don’t get caught up in a ‘I’m never going to hit my weight loss goal’ frenzy. Relax, keep your consistency, keep exercising and soon you’ll be enjoying effortlessly making progress again.

2. What’s Changed?

Maybe you haven’t changed anything. But maybe you haven’t noticed.

Because we eat and drink so often everyday, we can easily stop paying attention to what we are doing and how we are doing it around eating. And that can impact on your weight loss.

So for the next two weeks, restart your food diary. Consider it a stock check. If all is good then you can calmly decide whether to make any changes or simply wait for the weight to come off. And if you find you’ve taken your eye off your eating, then gently apply the brakes and you’ll soon be back on track again.

3. Is it really a plateau?

Many of my weight loss clients come to me with an obsession about the figure on their scales. Some even measure their happiness, confidence and who they are by where that little dial comes to rest. 

But here’s the thing: your actual weight is only one part of the weight loss jigsaw. If you have been eating the right amount for you, drinking more water and exercising more then it’s possible that your body shape and tone is changing even though your weight loss figure seem stuck.

As an example, I had a client who introduced more walking into her daily routine. After a few weeks of steady weight loss she hit a stand still. The old panic demons started to take over. Yet at the same time she dropped a dress size, felt better than ever and had more energy than she could ever remember.

Get Weight Loss Help

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Dan Regan

Hypnotherapist & Coach