Coronavirus Anxiety - Are You  Suffering From Coronaphobia?

As I write this article, new restrictions have just come into force limiting social interactions and the number of new cases of coronavirus that are being reported seems to be rising back up again here in the UK. There is a lot of anxiety and fear around the prospect of a second wave and the many impacts that may follow from this for all of us.

As well as fears around contracting the virus and the potential impacts for your health and for those around you, the uncertainty and ongoing nature of coronavirus can feed your anxiety and fear and may all add up to mean that you struggle with a new emerging phobia specific to Covid-19, called coronaphobia.

The fear and anxiety around coronavirus can relate not only to contracting Covid-19 and the health impacts (worries about falling ill, infecting others and worries around death and dying), but also extends to worry around finances, employment, education and just about every facet of our normal routines and lives. There can psychological, physiological, social and financial consequences

With the many diverse and uncertain impacts of the pandemic and coronavirus, it's no wonder that it evokes high levels of anxiety, stress and worry that can impact on your mental health and general sense of well-being.

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Hypnotherapy in Ely - A Brief Tour

Hello! And it's another post about my new office (sorry!) but moving office (to a new awesome place) is quite a big deal for any business so please indulge me this one last time! 

Today I have a brief video for you to show you around my new location a bit (just so you know where to come for the best hypnotherapy in Ely!). If you are coming here for an appointment or want to get idea of what the location is like before doing so, then this video gives you a quick idea. Even better, I manage to display my 'walking backwards while talking and filming' skills...without knocking into anything! Multi-tasking at its finest!

I've been getting lots and lots of positive feedback from people who have been here for help with things like overcoming anxiety and panic attacks, boosting confidence and self-esteem, and improving performance at work or in sports. It really is a great environment for dealing with problems and challenges, and achieving your goals.

And if you are very lucky when you visit, you'll get to see the deer wandering through the fields that my windows look out upon.

Have a watch of my video here:

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The New Location For Hypnotherapy In Ely

Hello from the new epicentre of successful hypnotherapy in Ely! 

I'm just about all moved into my new office at St Thomas Place, CB7 and pretty much just need my new desk to arrive before everything is fully in place (my new desk is delayed arriving due to Covid-19 so right now I'm using my daughters pink desk that has hearts on the pull out drawers!). As anyone who has ever moved office knows there is a ton to sort out and get shifted and thankfully there has only been one 'almost' hiccup (when my friend helped me move my bulky furniture in the pouring rain late on a Friday night and before he was due to go on holiday for a week, only for me to discover that I didn't know the security code to get in!).

I've started having my first clients visit and I'm getting their feedback and any comments on making things even better for you here.

Already there is reserved parking, disabled access and a waiting area, all of which are improvements on my previous office. It's so much quieter than being above a barbers, there are lovely views across the fields (where I'm still waiting to see the deer) and, of course, I have air con to make sure everything is comfortable when you visit (for more location details have a look here: Hypnotherapy in Ely). 

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Boosting Mental Health in the New Forest

I'm just back from a week with the family over in the New Forest, a truly beautiful place. The weather was great and I loved spending time with the kids and having some fun together. And I particularly enjoyed getting up early every day to head out into the forest to see nature at its best.

If you've never been to the New Forest then one thing pretty special is all the horses (and cows, and donkeys) that roam free around the forest and the surrounding area. It's pretty common to find a horse standing in the road totally unphased by the cars and traffic that he's holding up. And in the forest there seems to be wildlife around every corner from more horses to deer, cows and squirrels. I loved it.

Now if you've been reading my blogs for a while you'll know that getting out in nature, as well as being active, can both contribute to and support good mental health. There's a ton of research supporting this. I also think that time away from emails and normal routines, as well as the benefit of being in the moment as you explore the forest, also play a part in supporting mental health.

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On The Move - Hypnotherapy in Ely

I'm on the move for hypnotherapy in Ely! 

I mentioned in my last blog about some exciting news coming up and I'm pleased to now confirm my new office location from 1st September 2020. My new address will be: 

Dan Regan Hypnotherapy

Suite 5

28 St Thomas Place

Ely CB7 4EX

My phone number stays the same (01353 669941).

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My Go To Two For My Anxiety and Stress

I've lost count over my last decade as a hypnotherapist of how many times people have asked me, because I seem to so calm and upbeat when they meet me, whether I'm always calm or whether anything phases me. Of course some things do push my buttons and there have been times of stress and worry in my life (I'm only human after all!). 

Being a bit of a thinker, I need to keep an eye on where my mental focus and thinking is going sometimes. Thankfully, as with my clients, by learning to not worry about things outside of my control, and to take action (rather than being passive) about things I can control, problems become challenges to find solutions to. On top of that (again, as my clients get to learn), there will always be ways to tackle the kind of stuff that goes on inside your head that help you to cope better with the things you are facing and experiencing.

Recent weeks have been a particularly challenging period with my hypnotherapy practice, not just because of covid-19, but because of the consistent and persistent anti-social behaviour of another tenant in the building. I won't go into all the details but sadly discussion failed to improve things. As I mentioned above, I believe in taking action to deal with life's problems and challenges, so as the other business owner and my landlord have been unable or unwilling to help, I'm going to soon be sharing some super exciting news with you about an awesome new location I'll be operating from (it's a fantastic venue and I can't wait!).  

But in the meantime, I wanted to share my go to two techniques that I always call upon first for anxiety and stress, because they are easy to implement and because they work so well.

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Misconceptions About Hypnosis

'Look into my eyes, not around my yes, look into my eyes...' as the Little Britain hypnotist character used to say. Obviously that's a bit of comedy yet it seems many people (perhaps supported by films and TV) mistakenly do think of hypnosis as involving some kind of mysterious Svengali type thing going on. They think that hypnosis involves some sort of 'mind control' happening, with strange trance like effects, and worry about being controlled by some mysterious force wielded by an all powerful hypnotist (who presumably has spinning kaleidoscope eyes, a swinging watch and who uses a walking stick with one of those fossils in amber things at the top...).

Sadly these myths and misconceptions sometimes seem to hold sway more than scientific evidence and research, and I've even heard some of the nonsense spouted from the lips of those who should know better such as mental health 'ambassadors' and therapists who use some other types of therapeutic approaches.

Pretty much all of these misconceptions about hypnosis can probably be traced back to Mesmerism, which did indeed assert that any results were due to the power of the mesmerist invoking some sort of strange and powerful force of animal magnetism. Mesmerism was largely debunked way back at the time and indeed, hypnosis arose and was introduced in direct opposition and to correct the errors of Mesmerists (for more on the history check out Robertson's The Practice of Cognitive-Behavioural Hypnotherapy).

All of the evidence and research shows us that hypnosis is a conscious and voluntary process that someone has to actively engage in (for example, have a read here: Hypnosis is Conscious and Voluntary). 

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Hypnotherapy For Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the more prevalent mental health issues out there. It certainly forms the largest part of the issues that I help people with.

Whether it's in relation to a specific event or situation, social anxiety, OCD, or more general, hypnotherapy for anxiety can certainly be beneficial (and you only have to take a look through my What People Say pages to find out how many people have overcome their anxiety with my hypnotherapy).

You don't just have to take my word and that of my clients to know that hypnotherapy can be very effective for anxiety.  Last year (2019) I wrote about research showing that hypnosis is a highly effective treatment for anxiety (have a read here: The Effectiveness of Hypnotherapy as a Treatment For Anxiety).

And there are certainly reasons why hypnotherapy can work so well for anxiety.

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Anxious Worst Case Scenarios

If you struggle with anxiety then you'll be very familiar with those worst case scenarios that can take over your mind. Your mind fills with all sorts of imagined future situations and circumstances where things go wrong or badly in some way, or where people judge you negatively or you can't handle and cope with things. And you may have noticed how you can go down the 'anxiety rabbit hole' of thinking of that worst case scenario and then what the negative consequences of that would be. In no time at all you can move from something you imagined might or could happen, to overthinking and being mentally absorbed in even more disastrous and anxiety-producing outcomes.

With all that anxious thinking, it's no wonder that you are filled with dread, fear and anxiety. What's more, the more you overthink those possible worst case scenarios, the more anxious and on edge you tend to feel, and the more anxious overthinking you struggle with. It becomes a pattern that exacerbates and increases your anxiety. 

I've talked before about how, with anxiety, avoidance and escape become common behaviours. You avoid or get of that situation or thing that is filling you with dread, or if you are in a situation where you feel anxious, you try and escape and get away. Having escaped or dodged it, you feel relief and a bit better, yet that only negatively re-enforces your anxiety and avoidance in the future.

Overcoming anxiety and dealing with those anxious thoughts is something that I help people with day in and day out. Rather than being controlled by your anxious thoughts, you can learn to challenge them, to take away the anxiety and to take back control over your thinking.

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Positive Feedback - Hypnotherapy in Ely

I'm very fortunate to have received a whole mass of positive feedback over the years from people I have helped with issues such as anxiety, panic attacks, self-esteem and confidence. Whilst helping people move from a place where they are initially unhappy and troubled, to a place where they are calm, confident, happy and in control is rewarding in its own right and it's wonderful to receive hypnotherapy reviews from these people.

As I write this, I'm approaching somewhere in the region of 250 written and video hypnotherapy testimonials and I just wanted to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to everyone who takes the time to submit a review or record a video. Naturally these reviews help me but they also give hope and belief to others who may be struggling and uncertain what they can do to improve their mental health.

Many, many others prefer not to leave a review, which is absolutely fine, and to rather just tell me how well they are doing. A huge thank you to you too! 

Recently, since reopening after lockdown,  I've received an influx of positive updates from clients. This has included someone I helped to stop smoking and who has now been a non-smoker for a year (happy anniversary!), and someone I helped through a difficult and anxious time a year ago and has told me how his hypnotherapy sessions helped him to cope and helped him get back to his normal self. And another client who struggled with debilitating anxiety for three years also told me how she is now feeling good and getting on with life.

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