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Confidence, Self-Esteem and Sports Performance Hypnotherapy Testimonial:

Transcript to Louisa's hypnotherapy testimonial video in which she describes how her sessions helped with her confidence and self-esteem, as well as her running sports performance:


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Hi my name’s Louisa and I first came to see Dan for hypnotherapy sessions to help me with my self confidence, dealing with anxiety and stress issues.

Then I discovered that he’s brilliant at helping me train for my sports which I’ve been doing. So, I’ve been doing 10Ks and he helped me achieve my fastest ever time. I managed to knock four minutes off my 10K and now I’m just about to do my first ever half marathon which I never thought I’d be able to do because I’m useless at running and his sessions have just been amazing. They’ve really helped me in every aspect of my life and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

I’m a much calmer, happier and stress-free person and much fitter for it as well. Thank you Dan.



06 March 2020


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