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Help To Deal With Panic And Other Issues Hypnotherapy Testimonial:

Transcript to Dave's hypnotherapy testimonial video in which he describes how his sessions helped him to overcome panic and deal with other issues:

dealing with panic and other issues hypnotherapy testimonial 

 "Hi, my name’s David, David Missen. Why I came to Dan for was because I felt that I was having issues with all that happened. I lost my son about 10 years ago now, about nine years ago sorry. Basically I started an event in Grafton water - everybody went and I stood still. Never sort of panicked before in the water and it was just a way of everything coming together.

So, I heard of Dan, went to see him, felt he was a really easy guy to talk to. Because a lot of this stuff is about actually connecting with the person you’re talking to which does make life easier, you know, if you do get on with the person. And I found him a very easy person to talk to, understood where I was coming from.

And then through having talks with him, I realised there were other things going on with my life as well, which Dan has helped me with. Basically just given me the tools to actually help me deal with stuff.

So I am really pleased with how he’s helped me and how it’s gone along and I’d like to say thanks Dan, thumbs up, really pleased with everything you’ve done for me."

Dave Missen


29 August 2019


Help with Anxiety and Panic Attacks

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