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From Feeling Low To Feeling Good Hypnotherapy Testimonial:

Transcript to Dan's hypnotherapy testimonial video in which he describes how he sought help whilst going through a difficult period of his life. Through his sessions he has gone from his lowest point to now feeling good and being ready to get on with the next stage of his life:

from feeling low to feeling good hypnotherapy in ely 

"Hello, I’m Dan Smith from Cambridge, one of Dan Regan’s clients. I’ve been coming to see him for around three or four months now. When I came in, I was in a really difficult part of my life. I’d just come out of a long marriage and it had a really profound effect on me and my mental health.

I would thoroughly recommend coming to see Dan. He is a really, really good therapist who has helped me massively in my life and taken me from probably the lowest point I’ve ever been at to being right back on my feet and feeling really, really good and ready to get on with the next stage of my life.

So, if you’re feeling down or having problems in your life in any way that you think you need a bit of help with anxiety or a difficult period in your life, then I would highly recommend coming to see him. It’s been very, very good for me and I highly recommend it."

Dan Smith


30 September 2019


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