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Triathlon Sports Performance - Hypnotherapy Video Testimonial:

Transcript to Ashley's hypnotherapy video testimonial where he describes how his hypnotherapy sessions helped with his triathlon performance:

triathlon sports performance hypnotherapy testimonial 

"I came and saw Dan after I'd done an Iron Man in 2017 because I was going to do another IronMan in 2018. And what I was really looking for, although it had been a brilliant experience, I wanted to better, slicker, quicker, I wanted to be faster off the mark when I went into the swim and generally any niggling voices that I did have in the background about things that could go wrong, I just wanted to put to bed.

I wanted to put that to bed through the training and I wanted on the day to just be completely focussed on having a great day. I'm not a master athlete, I'm never competing to win it, I'm just competing for fun and I just wanted, from the minute the swim started to coming off the run, I wanted to enjoy it and not be worrying, and Dan really helped me with that. He really helped me focus up, he helped me be positive. It was a sea swim, I hadn't done a sea swim before, that was pretty scary and when I got in the water actually I did get scared, but with what Dan helped me with, it really helped me overcome that.

And in general the techniques we worked on, the stuff he's done with me, has also, I think, helped sharpen up my positivity for life in general. So, yes, it's been a really good experience. I'd recommend coming to see Dan."

Ashley Blackmore


09 November 2018


Sports Improvement Hypnotherapy

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