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Social Smoking Habit Ended - Dan Regan Hypnotherapy Testimonial -  In this video, Laura describes how she used to have a social smoking habit that would then lead to her smoking more generally afterwards. Following her stop smoking session she can now go out socially, and even be around people smoking, without any desire to smoke:


 "This is a short testimonial for Dan Regan Hypnotherapy. I went to Dan to help me with an issue I have with social smoking. I can’t seem to say no to smoking in social environments and at parties, and sometimes this then extends to me smoking a couple of days or a week after the event, and having the full smoking habit once again.

So, after one session with Dan, I’ve been able to actually kick that habit and I can go to parties and spend time with my friends who smoke and I have absolutely no desire to have a cigarette with them. I can stand with them at parties and still have no desire, so I can’t recommend him enough."

Laura Mills


22 September 2017

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