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Help To Deal With Panic And Other Issues Hypnotherapy Testimonial:

Transcript to Dave's hypnotherapy testimonial video in which he describes how his sessions helped him to overcome panic and deal with other issues:

dealing with panic and other issues hypnotherapy testimonial 

 "Hi, my name’s David, David Missen. Why I came to Dan for was because I felt that I was having issues with all that happened. I lost my son about 10 years ago now, about nine years ago sorry. Basically I started an event in Grafton water - everybody went and I stood still. Never sort of panicked before in the water and it was just a way of everything coming together.

So, I heard of Dan, went to see him, felt he was a really easy guy to talk to. Because a lot of this stuff is about actually connecting with the person you’re talking to which does make life easier, you know, if you do get on with the person. And I found him a very easy person to talk to, understood where I was coming from.

And then through having talks with him, I realised there were other things going on with my life as well, which Dan has helped me with. Basically just given me the tools to actually help me deal with stuff.

So I am really pleased with how he’s helped me and how it’s gone along and I’d like to say thanks Dan, thumbs up, really pleased with everything you’ve done for me."

Dave Missen


29 August 2019


Help with Anxiety and Panic Attacks

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From Feeling Low To Feeling Good Hypnotherapy Testimonial:

Transcript to Dan's hypnotherapy testimonial video in which he describes how he sought help whilst going through a difficult period of his life. Through his sessions he has gone from his lowest point to now feeling good and being ready to get on with the next stage of his life:

from feeling low to feeling good hypnotherapy in ely 

"Hello, I’m Dan Smith from Cambridge, one of Dan Regan’s clients. I’ve been coming to see him for around three or four months now. When I came in, I was in a really difficult part of my life. I’d just come out of a long marriage and it had a really profound effect on me and my mental health.

I would thoroughly recommend coming to see Dan. He is a really, really good therapist who has helped me massively in my life and taken me from probably the lowest point I’ve ever been at to being right back on my feet and feeling really, really good and ready to get on with the next stage of my life.

So, if you’re feeling down or having problems in your life in any way that you think you need a bit of help with anxiety or a difficult period in your life, then I would highly recommend coming to see him. It’s been very, very good for me and I highly recommend it."

Dan Smith


30 September 2019


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Triathlon Sports Performance - Hypnotherapy Video Testimonial:

Transcript to Ashley's hypnotherapy video testimonial where he describes how his hypnotherapy sessions helped with his triathlon performance:

triathlon sports performance hypnotherapy testimonial 

"I came and saw Dan after I'd done an Iron Man in 2017 because I was going to do another IronMan in 2018. And what I was really looking for, although it had been a brilliant experience, I wanted to better, slicker, quicker, I wanted to be faster off the mark when I went into the swim and generally any niggling voices that I did have in the background about things that could go wrong, I just wanted to put to bed.

I wanted to put that to bed through the training and I wanted on the day to just be completely focussed on having a great day. I'm not a master athlete, I'm never competing to win it, I'm just competing for fun and I just wanted, from the minute the swim started to coming off the run, I wanted to enjoy it and not be worrying, and Dan really helped me with that. He really helped me focus up, he helped me be positive. It was a sea swim, I hadn't done a sea swim before, that was pretty scary and when I got in the water actually I did get scared, but with what Dan helped me with, it really helped me overcome that.

And in general the techniques we worked on, the stuff he's done with me, has also, I think, helped sharpen up my positivity for life in general. So, yes, it's been a really good experience. I'd recommend coming to see Dan."

Ashley Blackmore


09 November 2018


Sports Improvement Hypnotherapy

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Overcoming Anxiety Success - Hypnotherapy Testimonial

Transcript to Shaun's hypnotherapy video testimonial where he describes how his sessions helped him to overcome anxiety: 

anxiety relief hypnotherapy testimonial dan regan hypnotherapy ely 

"Hello my name's Shaun. I came to Dan. I had issues with anxiety. Couldn't go out to a pub without feeling nervous, clammy. I had about nine sessions. After the first session felt really good. More positive about myself. No more dwelling. After the ninth session, haven't had any anxiety for months now and, as well as tools, it's all good. Would fully recommend it to anybody."

Shaun Brown


28 September 2018


Anxiety Hypnotherapy in Ely & Newmarket

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