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Driving Anxiety Hypnotherapy Testimonial:

Transcript to Sarah's hypnotherapy testimonial video in which she describes how her sessions helped her to overcome her driving anxiety:

driving anxiety hypnotherapy in ely 

"Before I came to see Dan last summer, I wasn’t a very confident person. I had a lot of anxieties and I was really struggling.

I had three sessions with Dan and, even after the first session, I felt a lot, lot better about myself. I spoke to him about a big car journey that I was going to do from Ely down to Cornwall, and how it was important for me because I was going to visit my Gran for her 90th birthday, and I really wanted to be there, and I knew I had to do the driving.

So, even after the first session as I say, I felt a lot, lot better and I did manage to do my car journey. And it’s not just made me feel more comfortable about the driving, it’s made me feel better about myself, and my anxieties are a lot, lot less now.

So, it’s been really, really good and I’d definitely recommend him."

Sarah Lewin


22 June 2019


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