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This is the trascript page to my hypnotherapy vlog - Happy New Year! (click on image to watch the video):

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Hi there, it’s Dan Regan here. It’s New Year’s Day. I’ve just nipped into the office with this one, my eldest, Poppy, just to sort a few things out ready for tomorrow ‘cos I am super excited for this coming year, just to help as many people as I can to overcome anxiety, lose weight, stop smoking, and all those kinds of things 

First of all, Happy New Year. I hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas. I hope you’re all ready for this year. And funny thing about this one is that she’s going to be ten on Saturday. I almost can’t believe it. She’s into her final few days as a single-figure-aged person which is pretty amazing ‘cos I can remember, nearly ten years ago of course, when she was born. I can remember my wife saying ‘we need to go to the hospital now.’ I remember the thirty six hours waiting. I remember when she popped out there, holding her for the first time, changing her first nappy, which is something she will love me to talk about on this video, and time just goes so quickly.

And because it’s New Year, it could be that many of you are setting new goals for this year, things you want to achieve, resolutions, and although we know that most resolutions aren’t successful, the thing is time just goes so quickly, that if you really want to achieve something, I would really get out there and do it, don’t wait until this time next year, and you’re thinking ‘what happened there.’ If you want to stop smoking, if you want to lose weight, a lot of people want to be healthier, happier, get out there and take that first step.

A lot of people set massive goals, and then they find them overwhelming, they go back to work, they’ve got their child care coming back in, normal life kicks back in after the holiday and suddenly those goals are gone from their mind. They haven’t got the time and that’s where all those excuses start to creep in like ‘I haven’t got the time’, ‘I haven’t got the mental space’, ‘I will start that when this happens’, or ‘next week’, or ‘when I’ve got back into work’, or ‘when I’ve sorted this thing’, and before you know it it’s Easter, and before you know it it’s summer holidays, you may as well wait until you’ve had your holidays. Before you know it it’s Hallowe’en, all that stuff, and Christmas has passed and we’re back here again and people are going I didn’t get any where with that goal. 

So, when setting goals, if you plan to do that this year,  I would just set the smallest step. If you want to be healthier, change one meal, sort your breakfast out. Every day eat a healthy breakfast. When you’ve got that in place, move on to the next one. If you’re going to stop smoking, cut out those ones you don’t really need. Those ones you’re just doing mindlessly. If you want to be healthier, then again, you can change your diet, you can get out there and go for a walk. You don’t need to make massive changes. You can build, build, build, build, build and then move forward until you find you’ve  made massive progress, and that this time next year you’ll be looking back on having a fantastic year where you’ve achieved all your goals and this one will nearly be 11 which is blowing my mind ‘cos how did that happen? I’m far too young for that but I just want to say Happy New Year, have a great year, whatever you’re planning to achieve this year,  I hope you have a wonderful year, healthy, happy, achieve everything you’re looking forward to and from me and from this one, Happy New Year. Excellent. Speak soon. Bye for now.

Dan Regan

1 January 2018

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