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Transcript to Sandie's hypnotherapy testimonial in which she describes how her sessions have helped her to deal with the trauma and anxiety after being knocked off her bike by a motorist:

overcoming trauma and anxiety hypnotherapy testimonial 

"Hi, I'm Sandie. I am a triathlete and I was involved in a major RTC ten weeks ago. I sustained serious head injuries, back fractures and other injuries. I came to see Dan because I was suffering from trauma and stress and fear of getting back on my bike. The first day I saw him I was in bits and now I'm a little bit calmer, thanks to him. We've been working on my approach to getting back on a bike, which I managed to do, out on the road for a very short, very short ride but it proved to me that I would be able to get back out on it and, as a triathlete, that's a huge thing for me.

He's also helped me with my anxiety and fears about being out and about in public where there's lots of crowds, because anyone behind me has been an issue. I would not have been able to sit here and do this ten weeks ago if it hadn't been for Dan. He's been absolutely amazing and he's shown me lots of strategies in ways to cope and, if anybody who sees this has had any trauma and any anxiety issues, I can't recommend Dan enough. And his voice is permanently in my head where I can hear him say 'I've got this'. I know I have now, thank you. And I am also back in the room. Simples."
Sandie Jardine
29 August 2018