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Overcoming anxiety success - Anxiety Managment Testimonial - Trascript to Lauren's video where she describes how her anxiety hypnotherapy sessions helped her to take back control over her anxiety:

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"Hi, my name’s Lauren. I came to see Dan because I’ve always been a really, really nervous runner. And before races my anxiety around the situation was getting so that I couldn’t actually race particularly effectively and it was getting to the stage where that anxiety was starting to kind of leach into my everyday life. So if I wanted to go for, like, a long walk at lunchtime, I wasn’t able to. And it was starting to creep into my daily commute, as I was getting the trains in the mornings the anxiety was really high then.

So I was recommended to come and see Dan by one of my friends who had been, and he’s been working with me to try and deal with this kind of daily anxiety. And in terms of getting on the trains, it’s almost completely gone. I can take a walk at lunchtime now without getting really stressed about it. And we are definitely making progress with the pre-race anxiety and I’ve had some really successful races now. And my coping mechanisms for the anxiety have got a lot better."

Lauren Thomas


14 June 2018

Anxiety Hypnotherapy in Ely & Newmarket

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