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Ending Emotional Eating - Weight Loss Hypnotherapy - transcript to Laura's testimonial video about how her sessions helped her to take back control over her emotional eating, lose weifght, develop confidence and change her relationship with food:

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"Hi, my name’s Laura and I’ve come to see Dan because, for most of my life, I’ve had a big problem with my weight, and my relationship with food, so I’ve tried every diet going and every diet has worked but I’ve never been able to conquer the emotional attachment that I have to food. Somebody suggested that I try hypnotherapy so I had a look online and Dan looked like a cool guy and here I am.

So I came to see Dan a couple of months ago and we’ve done a few sessions now, and I’ve managed to lose a stone in that time and feeling much better about myself. I am exercising as well which also helps. So the ways that Dan has helped me. He has helped me to focus on why I eat but, more importantly, he helped me to focus on what I want to achieve, my goals. So one of the most important things that he said to me is, just rehearse it, rehearse the success, rehearse how you are going to get to your goals. Rehearse it in your mind and it becomes automatic then and I do find that a big help. He’s given me exercises to do when I’m struggling and when I just want to go and reach for the chocolate and they help as well. I mean I have had some bad days. I think it’s a long process, it’s not an overnight success. But I have, twice now, wanted to go out and buy chocolate and got to the supermarket and thought, actually no it’s just some fruit that I need. I don’t really need the chocolate at all.

So, somewhere in my mind things are changing and my relationship with food is not, I don’t feel that desperate urge to eat at every meal and that desperate urge to overeat and feel that full feeling any more. So you know that’s a bit of a revelation for me really because I’ve never been in this position before and I actually feel like I can do it.

I think Dan has been an enormous help in, you know I mean, we’re not just at the beginning of the journey but in starting to change my relationship with food and making me think about it and giving me the tools to help myself really. Yes, so I believe that I am doing well and the most important thing to me which I have never felt before is that I think I can do it. Before I’ve always felt well maybe I can do it for a little while and then something’s going to happen and I’ll lose it again, and put all the weight back on. This time I feel positive that I can actually do it.

And I am really grateful to Dan because he has been a big help and all the exercises that he’s given me and the things he’s talked through with me have made a big difference to me. If you are considering hypnotherapy I would definitely recommend Dan. He’s a great guy, very understanding, and he’s certainly helped me. Thanks Dan."



15 May 2018

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

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