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Negative Thoughts & Overthinking - Dan Regan Hypnotherapy Vlog

This is the transcript page for my vlog about dealing with negative thoughts and overthinking (click on image to watch this video):

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"Hello, and today I just want to say a little bit about over-thinking and dealing with negative thoughts and to just give you a quick technique that you can start to put in place from today, that I use with a lot of my clients, that starts to move things in the right direction. Because what can happen with over-thinking and negative thoughts is something I talk to a lot of my clients about and it’s very common when people feel anxious, stressed, dread, worry, where they’re going over things that have happened in the past, or imagine things that might happen in the future. It can create its own kind of cycle in that, the more we over-think and think negative thoughts, the worse we feel, the anxiety, worry, stress, dread, leading to thinking more of those thoughts, leading to feeling worse, and all those kind of ripple symptoms that can fly from that, that impact on us feeling happier and doing the things that we want to do in our life.

And what can happen is, like I say, you think those thoughts which create that kind of ongoing spiral that can leave you feeling stuck in thinking those thoughts, whether that’s at certain times of the day, whether it seems to be constant, whether it’s last thing at night in those quieter moments, that ongoing cycle just keeps rolling and rolling, leading to you thinking more and more of those kind of negative things. It can become more habitual and yet it can be very draining. So one thing that I often suggest my clients start to do is to use this little technique to start moving those thoughts on so, rather than them just looping at that negative end and, like I said, they just feed into more and more of thinking those things, the worse you feel when you think those thoughts, we want to move it along to something that is either here and now and very mindfulness based, or something that makes you feel more positive, more resilient, or makes you just feel better at that time.

So the way to do that is, when you find yourself thinking those negative thoughts, you want to interrupt them and add the words ’and now’ or ‘but now’ in your mind and then add something more positive. So in doing this we’re creating a circuit in our mind, if you like, so rather than it just looping negative, negative, negative, that ‘and now’  which we‘ve learnt through all the times we’re used those kind of phrases in our life, means we move it on to something else and that’s where you want to be adding something more positive. Now some people like to decide what those things might be in advance. It could be a good time you remember, it could be something you’re looking forward to, it could be something that just makes you feel better, someone you love, someone you care about, someone who makes you feel safe, secure, or you could just move it on to anything else, like I say, like right here, right now, mindfulness based.

So I’m thinking this negative thought and now I hear five sounds in my environment, or I now pay attention to five things I can see, so you can move it very much here and now, rather than that loop, and shifting that focus onto something more helpful. Now I just want to be clear I’m not suggesting that this is going to sort anxiety, dread, stress, worry all by itself, yet what we want to do is start adding tools techniques that start to break up that pattern, start to interrupt those habitual ways of thinking and start to put you more and more in control of what’s going on in your head, so that you can take control, you can clear your mind and move it on a bit. So that’s the one I suggest starting to put into place today. I’ve been talking to some of my clients  who get excellent results from doing this.

Negative thought, ‘and now’ or ‘but now’ to something that makes you feel better, something more positive or something that’s going right here, right now, where things of the past, things of the future don’t exist, and you can just, in this moment, start to feel a bit better. So I hope you get on well with that one. I’d love to know how you get on with it. Please do send me an email, comment below. If you like this, then I want to do more of them. So do press ‘like’ and I will speak to you very soon. You take care now."

Dan Regan

22 January 2018

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