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"Hello, and today I just want to say a little bit about comparing yourself to others or, more accurately, stop comparing yourself to others in a negative way. It’s something that’s very common, especially if there are issues around anxiety, low self esteem, low confidence, yet it can happen to pretty well anywhere these days especially as we often find ourselves, through social media and so on, comparing what’s going on inside our heads, in our lives, our thoughts, our feelings, stuff that goes on inside of us, we compare that with what other people choose to portray about who and how they are. So we’re kind of comparing us, warts and all, with the glossy kind of outer surface that other people can show and often that can lead to us feeling pretty bad. We see they’ve got better things, they always seem to be happy, they’re always going places, having a good time, and they always seem to be better than us in some way and we can get really lost in all that kind of stuff, impacting on us in a negative way, and we start to feel worse and worse about ourselves which then obviously, every time we see these things or people tell us about stuff or are doing stuff, can impact on us in a very negative way that just kind of reinforces the issue and leaves us stuck. It’s something I’ve come across myself through my life, for example, in my running, when running marathons, when running at running club, and even at boot camp, there are people there who are faster than me, who are stronger than me, there will always be people smarter, people with more money, people more successful, people who can do things in a faster time. There will always be those people and if we find ourselves comparing ourselves and going, you know, well what’s the point, I’ll never be as good as them, they’ll always be better than me, then you know that’s really not a very good place to be, it’s not a great way to live your life. So, for example, at boot camp this morning, we did some tyre work, there was a guy working next to me, and he’s faster at running than me, he’s stronger than me, he’s quicker than me, at the moment. If he’s watching this I’m after him - not really. And what we want to do is start to flip that on its head, so if somebody seems to be, for example, if someone does seem to be more athletic, or they seem to have stuff, or they present things well or they seem more socially confident, then we want to flip our thinking and think what can I learn from this. What can I adopt and adapt in my own way that fits who I am and my personality, so that I can improve.

Because when we think about our lives and we think about who we are, and how we kind of assess ourselves, our own self-esteem, really all we can do is internalise that in a way that means we are looking to be better, or to improve, or to move forward on how we were yesterday. So I would really encourage you, if you find yourself having those kind of comparisons, when you’ve talked to people, when you’ve seen pictures on social media, or even in your everyday life, or at work, you find yourselves carrying out those negative assessments, I want you to start flipping it on its head, and start thinking well what can I learn here, how can I improve here so that, instead of negative comparisons, what we actually have are learning opportunities, so that we become better and move forward and develop in ways that bring us fulfilment, bring us happiness, so you really want to flip that thinking, and get it moving in that positive way, where you’re learning, growing, improving, from what you see other people achieve because, to be honest, if they’ve achieved it, you can do that too. You just need the right strategies, the right learning, the right opportunities, the right training, if you like, the right preparation, so really I want you to flip that thinking and start thinking how can I improve here, what can I learn here, how can I adapt that to a way that’s right for me, so that every day I’m moving forward on the goals that I’ve set for myself. And I would love to know how you get on with flipping your thinking that way. Please do like, comment, share and all of those kind of good things and I look forward to speaking to you very soon."

Dan Regan

31 January 2018

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