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This is the transcript page to my video about how exercise can help boost mental health and memory, as well as combating the effects of chronic stress on the brain (click on image to watch video):

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"Hello, it’s Sunday morning, I’m here with Poppy and today we’re doing our first ever virtual run. It’s a 5K today - don’t be fooled by the sunshine as nice as it looks, and it’s always nice to have some sunshine out. It is absolutely freezing, the wind is blowing through and personally I want to get on with this, but I wanted to do a quick video first. If you haven’t come across virtual running it’s a bit like an organised race that you just do in your own time. Then you provide the evidence of completion having done it, so it gives a lot more flexibility rather than to be somewhere on a certain day, at a certain time which is great I’ve done lots of those in the past, its given a lot more flexibility to us a sense of purpose to be out today  and to be actually active. And I know personally from my own experience that running, exercise, bootcamp, really helps with my mental wellbeing, helps with my mental health, helps with my physical health. I feel much better for doing it, sometimes I even enjoy doing it. Certainly afterwards I feel better.

It helps with stress and recently there was research which is really pertinent to running and exercise, that suggests that running can protect our memory from chronic stress. So if we’re experiencing chronic stress, then it can really impact on our memory, our ability to recall stuff, and our ability to learn, and this research suggests that exercise, and particularly running, may have a protective benefit for our brains. So, again, another reason to get out there. As well as our mental health and physical health, it’s actually dealing with other stuff protecting our brains from chronic stress. That comes on top of other evidence to get out there and do exercise. Research that suggests that exercise, even a small amount of exercise, can help prevent or reduce the symptoms of depression and that also suggest that people who are more active and exercise are probably less likely to suffer with depression. So, again, another reason why exercise is good for mental health.

And there’s also even more research that’s come out recently that suggests that our brain is protected by exercise in that, as we get older, our brain functioning can decrease and exercise is thought to keep our brain healthier for longer. So, again, all good reasons to get out exercising. And we’re going to crack on now with our 5K. I’ve got all my layers on, I’ve got my hat on, got my gloves on, I’ve got about ten layers on, to try to keep me warm. So if you’re thinking about exercise, it’s a good thing to do to just start building up for your mental health and your physical well-being. If you are already exercising then all the more reason to continue.  And we’re going to crack on now. I will speak to you soon."

Dan Regan

25 February 2018

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