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Overcoming Anxiety Success with Hypnotherapy in Ely - Transcript to Beth's video where she describes how her sessions helped her to overcome her anxiety and massively increase her confidence levels.

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"Hi I’m Beth and I came to see Dan in about September or October and it was when I was suffering with night time anxiety for a number of years. I’ve lost count of how many years and it started to get really depressing. I said to my parents look I can’t do this anymore.

Anyway since the first session straight away things changed, started to change, things really eased up, suddenly like I remember the fan was off straight away on the the first night, I slept in my own bed and slept like a log and every day it just got better and better and better and each week it got better.

Then we started having this space in between in most weeks, and now it’s like one month, I mean every month, even every four weeks and my confidence is up as well because before I wouldn’t do anything like this. I couldn’t open a door, I couldn’t talk to anybody on the phone, not matter who it was going to be and it’s just really amazing like how, in such a short amount of time, like how many things change, so yeah, big thumbs up to Dan and I thoroughly recommend him so thank you very much."



26 June 2017

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