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Business Coaching Hypnotherapy Testimonial - transcript to Wayne's video in which he describes how his business coaching sessions have helped him to stay focused and achieve his business goals:



Hi Dan, I thought I’d just bring this video across by way of thanks. I’ve been working with Dan regularly for about 5 months now and Dan has had a great input in helping me stay focused and sharp running my business on a day to day basis.

Running a business in this time is very, very tough, lots of competition, lots of issues with staff and customers and so on and so forth and it’s great to have somebody that I see probably about once every two or three weeks, download a few things to give me a different way of thinking about any situation that might be going on. It’s kind of like a boxing match where the boxer is in the ring and he’s got to have a good corner man and I see Dan as my corner man.

So all I want to say is thanks very much Dan and keep up the good work, and long may our coaching continue.

Wayne Till

Bishops Stortford

28 April 2017


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