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In this testimonial video, Natalia describes how her hypnotherapy sessions helped her to be happy (and to overcome driving test anxiety):


Hello, my name’s Natalia and I came to Dan with a lot of problems, like I wasn’t smiling, I was miserable and I was actually ill.  Any little problem made me ill, and especially when I didn’t pass my last driving test. It took me out of family for weeks and I was really unhappy and I tried to find a way which will help me and my family to be happy, be more smile, and be more myself like I was before.

And I found Dan information online and I came here and I’m really happy. I smile a lot, my family’s happy and my husband’s really surprised, ‘What’s going on, what’s going on?’ and he likes it. My children are more happy and every day on the table my children say ‘Mummy, Mummy what was the best part of the day today?’ and it is really nice things to do together.

And I feel really, I don’t know, I’m just overwhelmed with emotion because I started a new job, I passed my driving test, and I smile every day, every minute of my day. And I really, really recommend it, if you have a problem, look around and come to Dan. Thank you.

10 November 2016 


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