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Health motivation hypnotherapy testimonial - transcript to Julia's testimonial where she describes how her hypnotherapy sessions helped her to become healthier in her lifestyle: 

Hello my name’s Julia Anderson and I came to see Dan to see if he could help me with what I wanted to achieve. I wanted to get more active in my lifestyle and my health, to do more exercise and cut out things that perhaps weren’t great for me and it seemed, by myself, it was too hard to do. So coming to see Dan has helped immensely.

Going through the hypnosis with him has helped me to see things differently. It’s helped me to be more aware of what I’m doing and when I’m doing it and also I think overall it’s had a good positive effect and positive results at the end for me. I feel much more healthy, much more in control of my life and I suggest that anyone that feels like this should come to Dan.

Julia Anderson


10 October 2016


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