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Asthma and anxiety testimonial - transcript to Jen's testimonial where she describes how her hypnotherapy sessions helped with her asthma and anxiety issues:

Hi my name’s Jen McInally. I’ve been seeing Dan now for eight sessions to do with anxiety. One thing mainly to say is that, in these eight sessions, I have better understanding of myself than I had in about a year’s worth of CBT.

My anxiety is to do with my asthma. It’s now improving huge amounts and, without Dan’s help, I wouldn’t be sitting here now doing this video. And also to say he’s always been there if I need him. I’ve e-mailed at really daft times and always got a response, and you don’t get that very often anywhere.

And just to say, if you feel anything like me, definitely get in touch with Dan.

Jen McInally


01 October 2016


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