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Transcript of hypnotherapy testimonial video - how to be more confident with hypnotherapy in Ely:

So, I came to see Dan at Dan Regan Hypnotherapy in 2015 to address a number of issues that I had around confidence and being able to approach people and particularly in the work environment.

I had spent a lot of time, for example, procrastinating and deliberating over e-mails and making contact with people and had a lot of hesitation. Conference calls and answering questions and things like that. This was holding me back at work and I decided to try hypnotherapy to resolve that.

I had six sessions with Dan and the change is remarkable and I am much more confident on presentations, on conference calls, on video calls and am able to really confidently get out there and make contact with people, as well as communicate a lot better in areas that I need to accomplish.

When I visited my mother she actually commented, unprompted, that my confidence levels were really, really great. So it’s really been an excellent experience and I highly recommend it.



20 February 2016

Confidence hypnotherapy in Ely

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