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Transcript of hypnotherapy video testimonial - Needle phobia hypnotherapy helps Heather:

Hi, my name’s Heather and I came to see Dan because I have a phobia with injections and needles, to the point when I had my son, it was impossible for me to even take him to the doctors to have his injections done. I’ve also been refused dental treatment because I just got into such a state, so I decided to come and see Dan.

We had three very intense sessions prior to some treatment I was due. Went to the dentist that day, it was absolutely fine. Did everything Dan had told me. Sat in the seat and I was a bit apprehensive but it was absolutely nothing compared to what I’ve had in the past. So, brilliant. Then I had to have some travel injections as well. That went really well. Happened, done, no problems at all so, at the moment, for now, I have to say I have no issues, if I had to have an injection or dental treatment.

It’s been absolutely brilliant. I was skeptical about hypnotherapy but I have to say there is definitely a lot of positives to be gained from it.



11 November 2015

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