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Transcript to Laura's hypnotherapy testimonial - increasing football confidence and motivation hypnotherapy:

Hi there. I came to see Dan about my football. I needed to be more confident, more motivated in order to perform on the pitch. I think he has done an excellent job in helping me. I am a lot more confident. I can go out there and beat players which is something that I couldn’t do before.

My team-mates are noticing the difference; my manager is noticing the difference. I can feel it in myself that I am just generally more confident in life. A lot more confident on the football field. I am scoring goals left, right and centre, which is something that I haven’t done for years and I really do feel like I can be the best player that I can be now. I can fulfil my full potential which is something that I didn’t think I could do for maybe five or six years.

Dan is great, he really is. Hypnotherapy is brilliant in my opinion. I think it really can work. You just have to persist with it. Maybe the first session like okay, fine, sort of thing, but second, third, fourth, you really get into it and you really do understand that it can help you in any way possible that you wish for it to work. I mean mine was a sporting background so, for me, it was more about confidence and motivation. If that’s something for you then I do suggest that you do come and see Dan, because he’s brilliant.



October 2015


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