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Transcript of Sarah's video testimonial - overcoming driving test anxiety hypnotherapy helps Sarah pass her test:

Hi, I'm Sarah. I came to see Dan because I was suffering with driving anxiety. I'd had four tests that hadn't gone very well. I had a real block about my ability to drive. I had that block when I was taking driving lessons.

Anyway, I came through - just had one session actually. Worked through some stuff. Left the session feeling really calm and really confident and I think it was two days later that I had my test. And...totally different to the other tests.

Felt really calm beforehand, calm during the test. I convinced myself during the test that I'd passed, which I did do, which was great. And even my driving instructor was quite impressed with the difference that he saw in me prior to and especially after the test. So, really good stuff.



September 2015


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