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Transcript to Clive's hypnotherapy testimonial video - Confidence hypnotherapy in Ely helps 
Clive improve performance and overcome his creative block:
My name is Clive and I came to see Dan with what I would describe as a confidence or performance related issue which really I would describe as being a creative block.
I found Dan after a simple internet search and came to see him. We discussed at some length and detail what I would like to get out of the sessions. The sessions themselves, very, very deep relaxation is how I describe it. Gold standard relaxation. Always left the sessions with a smile on my face, feeling much, much better and, as far as the issue is concerned, I’m in a much better place now. The effects were almost immediate, and as I say, I felt them straight away and I’ve since been to see Dan a few times and we’ve discussed the improvements that I’ve made and I am continuing to make them so, all in all, a very worthwhile experience.
I’ve come away feeling much better than I did when I came first time and I would thoroughly recommend this to anybody who’s thinking about trying it. 
May 2015